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Dang feels like i havent been on here for months......had to drag myself away from here for awhile to focus on things going on in my life... But everything is going well now....

I finally moved out of the columbus area and im definetely on to better things right now.. Besides dealing with things going on with my daughter and my moms heart surgery my life has definetely went downhill but went back uphill recently..... Getting ready for this trip to the dominican republic and still heavily working out i love it the drive and the motivation that i get from my team...

Lifestyle wise everything is going great i recently received an ass whooping for two speeding tickets that i received that was my first spanking in like 4 months i was never ready for the pain it brought my tolerance has definetely went from a 5 to a 0.....but i handled it well at so i thought... Came back to 167 friend requests and 57 messages so i will be getting back to everyone shortly just be patient with me thanks...hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...

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About nine thirty, Veronica made a big fuss about having to get the last bus back home, evidently expecting Paul to be accompanying her.

“Paul, I've got to get home before know that!” She said, starting to look a little distressed.

“I know, but we can't just leave Sue-Lynne here on her own can we?”

“So how do you intend to get home, a taxi will cost us a fucking fortune?”

Paul didn't reply, he just held up his left hand making a fist, and then put his thumb out and smiled.

“No way am I going to try and hitch hike back from here. We could end up standing there for hours, I have to be in by eleven!” Veronica said, now she looked to be almost to be on the verge of tears.

“Right, we'll walk you back to the bus station. Then I'll see Sue-Lynne back to the castle. I'll just hitch hike back on me tod later, OK?”

Before Veronica could reply I interjected, “On your what?”

“On me tod, it's rhyming slang for on my own,” Paul replied, grinning at my confusion, “Todd Sloane, alone, get it?”

Both myself and Veronica shook our heads at Paul, both for very different reasons.

The three of us then walked across the city centre to the bus depot, Paul and I waved Veronica off as she left for home; the relief on her face was palpable.

“Come on, we'll go to the chippie, then we can grab a pint before last orders.” Paul said, indicating to a fish and chip shop next to the bus depot. “Then I'll see you back to your castle My Lady!”

British fish and chip shops in the nineteen-seventies were truly weird and wonderful places. The proprietor's willingness to batter almost anything - pizzas included - was more than equalled by their customers eagerness to consume their wares.
Paul ordered two “bags and batter” which was thickly cut french fries wrapped in old newspapers, sprinkled with a large amount of burnt bits of batter that had accumulated in the huge fat frier.
I know it sounds disgusting, but tasted fantastic, more so with a liberal covering of salt and vinegar!

We ate our greasy supper in a shop doorway, then dived into the pub opposite us, in a rush to catch the ten-thirty last orders.
Once sat down, at a table by the window overlooking the river, I asked the question that had been nagging me for the last hour.

“Why was Veronica in such a state about getting home? It's not like that was even the last bus that she got?”

I could tell straight off by the look on Paul's face that I had somehow hit a nerve.

“It's complicated.” Paul eventually said, apparently not wanting to be drawn further on the subject.

Of course, now I wanted to find out more, because of his evasiveness only fired up my curiosity even more.

“That's fine; I like complicated. I'm quite a smart girl you know; I can understand loads of complicated stuff.”

“OK, but you have to promise me that you won't mention any of this to Vee?” Paul said, and of course I nodded, “If you do tell her, she'll be wearing my balls for earrings!”

I laughed out loud at that image, and assured Paul that whatever he told me, would indeed go no further. He then took a large gulp of lager, and started to tell me all.

“Veronica's parents are very old fashioned, her mam especially...she is sort of strict with her, you know what I mean?” Paul said, evidently feeling awkward about having to spell it out.

“You mean she gets spanked!” I asked, or rather almost shouted out in surprise.

“Shh...keep your voice down man. Yeah, she gets spanked and stuff.” Paul replied, his face now blushing as he looked about the room to see if anyone had heard my exclamation.

“At her age? And, what do you mean by stuff?”

“Well, I don't know all of the details, you know this isn't a subject that Vee likes to talk about too much. Age doesn't come into it, as far as her parents are concerned university is just an extension of going to school. She is not working, so in their eyes she is not an adult. Let's face it, it's not unknown for sixth formers to get caned, fair enough it's not common, but like I said, it's not unknown.” Paul said shrugging his shoulders.


“Sorry, I forgot you have a different education system to us. Senior High, I think is your know, eighteen-year-old students?” Paul asked, and I nodded for him to continue.

I don't know if he had sensed that he had hit upon my little kink, or he just wanted to alleviate the weight of knowledge, either way he now continued almost with relish.

“Her mam has like a tariff system for Veronica. She gets spanked for minor things, untidy bedroom, not helping around the house. University related stuff, like not devoting enough time to her studies, she gets a whacking with a ping-pong bat,” at this point Paul must have been able to see a look of confusion on my face, “ping-pong, its what we call table tennis over here?” I nodded, eager for him to continue.

“Then, for what her mam deems to be serious stuff, she get the cane. Being home before eleven on a week night is 'serious', so if she had been late tonight. It would have straight up to her bedroom; jeans and knickers down, over the end of the bed and six across her bare arse!”

“Bare?....She gets all of that on her bare butt?” I whispered, my voice now starting to crack.

“Yeah, did I not mention that earlier?” Paul asked, his eyes twinkling, a trace of a smile now on his lips.

Paul was definitely Mr Right-Now, and you know, I think he knew it!

We rushed back across town to the Palace Green; we both knew though that I wasn't going back into the castle, at least not for a good while. As we walked, all I could think of was Veronica's punishments. Thinking what it would be like to taste a caning, what it would be like to wield the cane upon Veronica's bared full womanly bottom. These thoughts were affecting me physically, I knew I was getting wet. Also, my nipples were erect and aching as they rubbed at the captivity of my bra.
I practically marched Paul across the green, not towards the castle though, but in the direction of the cathedral, towards the river. This dark secluded section of the green would be ideal, or so I thought.
Paul kissed me with urgency, forcing me back against the stone wall, I sucked hard on his invading tongue, wishing that it was his cock that was in my mouth. “That will come later,” I thought to myself, as I felt my light summer dress being lifted clear of my hips. Then I felt Paul's exploring fingers inside my panties, feeling through my light patch of pubic hair, searching out the damp fleshy folds of my sex. His head was now resting on my shoulder; I could both feel and hear the hotness of his breath as he whispered.

“I want you?”

“Yes!” I gasped in reply.

A wave of tenderness had now seemed to have engulfed Paul, as he ever so gently tugged my panties down my thighs, he then knelt in front of me, pulling them lower towards my ankles. I was sure that he was about to kiss and tongue my pussy. When suddenly I was blinded by a bright light, and heard a voice say.

“Right you two, let's be having you!”

It is truly amazing, how quick you sober up when you are arrested in a foreign country.

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This is an old, almost half forgotten idea for a story from two years ago, featuring Veronica, from Striping Tigger.)

Having read several stories, both on here and on other sites, I have decided that now could be the time for me to share my corporal punishment experience. My interest in spanking and corporal punishments far precedes the Fifty Shades inspired current fashion.
Having said that, what I mean is, I am going to share my “defining moment” as it were. Relating to the incident that fired up my fascination with all things spanking, or at least brought that fascination to the surface of my psyche.

It was 1979, as part of the Cultural Exchange Program between my home state of Georgia and the North East of England. I was one of the lucky college students to be sent to Co Durham for three months of British University life.
The program had come about as a result of president Jimmy Carter's very popular visit to England. As quite a bit of his highly publicised tour centred around the North East of England, instead of being London-centric, links between Georgia and the depressed North East were quickly forged.

For the life of me, I still to this day can't think why I was picked to be part of the program. My academical skills were adequate, though I was no genius. But, by the same token I was not struggling in any of my subjects, in fact, I was a solid B student, majoring in classical music.
I was not from any of the states big hitting families or part of the Democratic political machine. In reality, I was just your average American southern girl working her way through college. Perhaps it was my very averageness that fitted into the criteria.
Whatever the reasons, I was more than glad to take up the offer, of what, in fact, was pretty much a three month long free vacation.

The North East of England in the late nineteen seventies was indeed a strange place, a land full of contrasts. Beautiful countryside vied with ugly industrial landscapes. It was a land of sweeping golden beaches, but it was also a one of gloomy black scarred pit heaps.
In the cities of Durham and Newcastle, you had architectural wonders, mixed in with the current town planners obsession with creating “modern-day” concrete grotesques.

The people were also an enigma; harsh sounding voices in what at first seemed to be an impenetrable dialect. Once my ears were attuned though I felt the genuinely warm, friendly, nature of the locals come through. Each time I went into a shop, or a bar, where my accent could be heard, I immediately became the centre of well-meant attention. I was quite often referred to as a Yankee, and rather than correct anyone, I happily went along with the affectionately said misnomer.

All of that involved the general public, my new fellow students were a different matter entirely!

I had found myself housed in the magnificent Durham Castle, as castles go for the area, it was in no means magnificent when compared to Bamburgh or Alnwick castles. But, however, as a hall of residence, I doubt there are any more spectacular in any place in the world.
The castle sits at the top of a steep hill, with the river Wear snaking underneath its vertiginous walls, opposite the portcullis entrance to the castle is the magnificent Durham Cathedral over the Palace Green. Walking around the green, was like going back in time rambling in the times of Robin Hood or Richard the Third.

But, I digress as it was the student body I meant to talk of, not the surreal surrounding of my stay. You see, for all that the locals were open and friendly; the students were aloof and standoffish. As most were not from the area, with Durham being on par with our Ivy League establishments, they for the most part were of a different stamp. Or rather, I should say stamps.
There seemed to be two distinct types staying at the castle; snobs that were well aware of being snobs, and the more annoying pseudo-socialists.

Of the two, the latter was the worst.

I knew their type only too well, as I had experienced similar in the US. Kids from rich middle class families, who fool themselves into thinking that they are liberal and socialist. Whilst it only takes the slightest of scratches, to uncover their inherent feelings of superiority and the elitist views of  self-entitlement held in their hearts.
The ones in the castle were easy to spot, black and yellow Rock Against Racism badges, pinned to their invariably black jackets, seemed to be their ad hoc uniform. They looked upon me as being a cross-burning racist, just because of my accent. Not because of any inter-personal conversation, just because I sounded like a what I was, a southern girl.

So, instead of socialising within the castle walls, I tended to go to Dunelm House the students union building across the river. This building was one of the aforementioned concrete grotesques reached by an equally ugly concrete footbridge. However, the company in the union bar was much more palatable than the snobs on the hill.
It was there that I met Veronica, a local girl who was studying English Literature at one of the university's other colleges. We became friends almost straightaway; she was well grounded, and also very amusing, all in all, pretty good company. So we tended to meet up at the union most nights after our classes were over.

That fateful Wednesday when I entered the bar, Veronica was not alone, sitting next to her was a guy who I guessed to be around twenty-five-year-old, who I assumed to be Veronica's boyfriend. I was wrong on both counts.

“Sue-Lynne! Over here!” Veronica shouted, smiling and waving at me, clearly not realising that I had already seen her.

I grabbed a half of lager at the bar and joined them both in the alcove where they were sitting.

“This is Paul; he is one of my old school mates.” Veronica said by way of introduction, “Paul; this is Sue-Lynne.”

“I am charmed Ma'am to meet such a stunning Southern Belle!” Paul said, in an exaggerated impersonation of a southern drawl, at first I felt slightly piqued, then he winked at me. I could not then but help to reciprocate his greeting.

“Why thank you good sir,” I said in an equally exaggerated manner, “but you are running in danger of making this young belle blush!” With the ice now well and truly broken, and the three of us settled down into the great English tradition of drinking to excess.

“So what are you studying?” I asked Paul, after we had more or less exhausted the subject of the current music charts, and our favourite albums and artists.

“Me? I'm not a student, I'm one of the local oicks, I'm a plebian who has to work for a living!” He said this loud enough, for all of the surrounding tables to hear him, he gained a couple of raised eyebrows, but nothing by way of the reaction that he was obviously trying to garner.

He was, like Veronica very amusing, though not the sort of guy I would normally go for; he was tall, but also a little too slim, gangly in fact. Fair hair cut in an odd way, long at the back, but short at the sides, and combed back over causing the top of his head to look like a groundhog.
But hey, I was in a foreign land, and very drunk, he may not have been Mr. Right, but he was certainly Mr. Right-Now.

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A friend asked me to post a particular story from my blogspot, I have a feeling it may be a little on the longside. Also it is a slow burning story and may not appeal to everyone, but as it was a request, I will be posting it in bite size chunks.
The story is called "The Cultural Exchange Program", I hope you all enjoy it.

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Summer loving
Paddled my ass

Summer loving
Happened so fast
Met a girl crazy for me
Met a dom and a birch tree

Summer days drifting away
To uh-oh those summer nights

Oh whallop whallop oh
Whallop whallop oh

Tell me more tell me more
Did you get very far
Tell me more tell me more
Like did he leave a scar

Oh whallop whallop oh
Oh wallop wallop oh

She walked by me she had a smirk
He rubbed past me got me all damp
I tanned her arse she didn't realise what she'd found
He brushed past but didn't make a sound

Summer sun, something's begun, but uh-oh those summer nights

Oh well a well a oh

Tell me more tell me more
Was it love at first sight
Tell me more tell me more
Did she put up a fight

Took her first over the knee
We went to the room and first had some tea
We made out all round the clock
We stayed out till 10 o'clock

Summer fling, don't mean a thing, but uh-oh those summer nights

Tell me more tell me more
Did you make her real beg
Tell me more tell me more
What was it he said

He gave support holding my hand
She gave up knowing she'd be tanned
He was sweet but he knew the scene
She was good you know what I mean

Summer heat, hand and ass meet,
But uh-oh those summer nights

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I've been getting spanked at least two or three times a week here lately, just the thing for a naughty boy like me.

Last night we went shopping. First stop was Lane Bryant, then a boutique called Torrid. Didn't see anything I really liked enough to pay their prices, so she took me to Ross. I found six new pairs of panties (two high-waisted briefs, two bikinis, and two lacy hi-cuts) and a long-handled molded plastic bath brush.

We went home and I gave her a fashion show. While she sat in the living room clutching the bath brush, I donned each pair in turn, then paraded before her, stopped, and bent over for swats with the brush. Long before we reached the last pair, I was wriggling as the solid brush smacked my panties. As always after she's spanked me, it's been absolutely delightful going to bed with a burning bottom.

(sigh) I'm in heaven. "Spanking roommates" has always been one of my favorite fantasies, right up there with sorority spankings and mother/daughter scenarios.

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I am still abroad but probably coming back soon - I boldly declared to my spanking friends (ha I make it sound like a circle that all meet up - I mean the 3 people I know who are into spanking) - I said, Oh I haven't been thinking of spanking much for ages. I might even be going off it!
(Without wanting to be too indiscreet I'd met up a couple of times with a local lad to practise talking of COURSE and it turns out he'd spanked someone. But I didn't ask him to spank me, you see I really haven't been in the mood.)
Anyway - since telling people this it has been ironic because I've been back on here, trying to find exciting videos, and looking online to see who's out there for my return. First things first, I'm back looking for work when I return - cross fingers there should be some but I don't think it will leave me any time for being spanked. Ideally I'd like part time work and then get some income from spanking or being spanked - but somehow this requires a lot of planning, intrigue and something I'm not quite ready to set up until I actually find a new base.
I looked at the last site I found my spankers on - spanking ads dot net - I created (if I say so myself) quite a sassy entry complete with photos from here and an enticing piece about how I am looking for a daddy to spank his daughter. Well, there are always people looking to do this but then when I began talking to people online, it turned out that the site was one of those that share the profiles - so my profile wasn't just on spanking ads site but on other dating/sex sites. So people not necessarily into spanking were contacting me because they thought I was some sort of - well, I don't know... Anyway, you know how it is - people not into spanking in the same way do not "get" it however much they might find the idea erotic. They soon suggest something totally inappropriate or tasteless. I for one can't stand the idea of people mixing up more than spanking (oh I'm so coy!) with spanking in a daddy daughter scene. I'm a spanking purist as I only want an authentic scene where daddy spanks his petulant little daughter for being rude. Nothing more, nothing less.
What I choose to do once I know a spanking partner is beside the point, as I do find spanking very exciting. But I am not looking for someone who can't see that the scene demands a sort of innocence. Does this make sense or do you all think I'm living in cloud cuckoo land!?
I'm rambling, I know, but it's late. To get to the point, I am now so excited about the idea of getting home and being able to get spanked again. My spanker has now moved on to pastures new and don't get me wrong, I am very sad for us that we won't be able to play our what-were-perfect, really (I'm so lucky!) games as Ruby and her stern but wonderful father. I will miss him! The girls in his home country are lucky...
But perhaps it's like boyfriends, you will never find someone the same, but you will find someone different and maybe they will be good in a different way. I use spankme ads - does anyone? It is the same old people, every time - most of them I have emailed at one point or another. The problem is location - I can't drive to them, I can't accommodate, it costs a bomb to travel in the UK - I need someone near me, who can accommodate, who is into the daddy daughter scene. Asking a lot. But I remain hopeful. There is one gentleman I know, who fits the bill, although he is not going to be around all the time. Also there is a guy I've chatted to for a long time, who I am confident feels the same way I do about the daddy daughter scene, and I reckon we would have a great scene together. But he doesn't live nearby and I don't know if I can get to see him.
The trials of being in need of a spanking. Those of you with spanking partners under the same roof, look at them tenderly tonight, you are lucky!!

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So does anyone have a bucket list for sex they want to try or do before something happens if so sound off , people have bucket list for everything else so why not the sexual world .

Me I want to be spanked and able to spank , sex in public , fun in a dark theater , and whatever else my perverse mind can think of :)

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Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen. Wishing there was an English pub near me. Feel like having a pint or two of Old Nick ale, toss some darts and play a game or three of snooker. Shout out to all the UK/Ireland blokes here. Thought you all might appreciate my rendition of the Chas and Dave song Wallop.

Wallop, her knickers gone down
Wallop she's bent down

Once there was a spanking lass
And she was aching for the strap
Boohoo had the chat and the sexy hips
But Gorilla Jim said he would put the hip to kip
Boohoo shouted "Come on son!"
"You don't know how to spank anyone!"
But the hip danced all around to duck the sting
But she poked her bum too far out and a big smack on the bottom she took and wallop!
Now her knickers gone down!

Sir Red Cheeks built a rocket ship
Three bad birds he pushed inside of it
Scorpio counted down the fuse was lit,
Goodboy said "Send it up best of luck, lunatics"
Naughty Butt told them birds "you'll soon adjust"
"Baring our naughty bums is just a must"
Sir Red Cheeks shouted when they got there, "Ain't it hot in here, I birched em all on the bare!"
He's pulled up their skirts and opened the hand and wallop!
Their knickers gone down!

Wallop, her knickers gone down
Wallop she's bent down
Wallop, her knickers gone down
Wallop she's bent down

Kissie thought she'd have a bet
Brat01 said "You hadn't been lucky yet"
"Tender Bottom" was the name of the 'orse
Revmother brought the nun's spanking ruler all the way Cork
Scorpio turned on the radio, Firmhand4umiss said 'ello
He then bent them all over the outdoor fence
All of a jumble neck and neck but Tender Bottom took a tumble and wallop!
She's gone down

I parks me lorry round the back then goes indoors to find a bum to smack
All of a sudden I hears a noise
elendor screamed "oh no here we go them spanking boys"
Susan Orry ran outside got hold of this yob
yrrah1596 said spankin is his job
"It's you that keeps sodding about me spanking your back side"
English Rose started to holler "You spank harder than me father! If he gives me a smack I hit him back" and wallop!
All their knickers gone down!!

Wallop, her knickers gone down
Wallop she's bent down
Wallop, her knickers gone down
Wallop she's bent down

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I am currently taking sessions in Austin, TX until 5/31! After that you can catch me in San Antonio and then Dallas!

Call 347-450-1599 or visit for more info!

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A romantic name, Under the Linden Trees, the avenue in Berlin once (and now again?) a place to enjoy a stroll under the lovely trees, to see and be seen.

Also a romantic tree, with its heart-shaped leaves and the beguiling scent of its flowers.

But better still for the spanko, nature’s gift of toys for lovers of the rod. Unter den Linden, at the base of the linden trees, are usually to be found many, many suckers of varying thicknesses. Not as sturdy as some switches, so needing to be chosen just a little thicker, but wonderfully springy and flexible, raising delicious puffy welts.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Like six of the best, except that the second stroke is two for the price of one, delivered one right after the other to escalate the pain.

Instead of stroke three, three strokes in two seconds, and the level of pain is climbing exponentially.

And so on. Twenty-one strokes to be taken without outcry and without getting out of position.

Each burst of strokes, one more each time, ratcheting up the pain in a crescendo of anguish.

The dread of anticipation, knowing that the next group will be so much more unbearable than the last.

The welts rising hot and tight, but then getting whacked again.

Finally, six strokes on a swollen, throbbing bottom that simply has to clench hard in futile self defence.

Then the strokes stop falling, but the pain continues to well up from beaten, tender flesh for agonising long moments before finally beginning to recede.

Quickly to be replaced by an urgent lust and sex that’s hot and hard.

Ah, the joys resulting from a switch-cutting stroll Unter den Linden.

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I am guessing that I have been a pretty bad boy lately because my ass cheeks seem to have a permanent warm rosy glow to them. I did not notice this until I happened to walk past the mirror and noticed it one day several hours after a good spanking. I just thought it was a particularly good spanking and therefore the color lasted for a long while. But then I walked past the same mirror the next day when I first woke up and my ass was still maintaining a reasonably red tan. I managed to not get a spanking that whole day and I went in the room to take a shower, but as I passed the mirror once again, the color was just the same as it had been.

Does this happen to any of you? Or is it just my skin doing this? I certainly could not go to a nude beach and enjoy the sun without everyone there knowing that I get spanked...and it would be fairly easy to assume that either I just got a spanking before going to the beach, or I am just an extremely bad boy and get spanked constantly. Although, you and I know that the latter is the obvious choice, I would not want everyone knowing. I probably should not be writing this out loud, or Daila might just find us a nude beach to go to just so she could humiliate me in public.

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The second time Rache got a spanking, the circumstances were a little different!
As i mentioned before, i lived in a shared warehouse apartment. The 2 Yanks were away for the weekend in Vermont and the Argentinian, Irvin, worked at night in a restaurant. So Rache was coming over for the night for some fun and some much over due discipline. She'd been getting away with murder for far too long and well did she know it!
We'd arranged to go out for an early dinner then back to the apartment for 9ish. Irvin never arrived home before midnight at the very earliest.
So 6-45 in rolls Rache with not a care in the world. We'd arranged to meet at 6. She was in enough trouble already without giving me any more excuse.
However! What she hadn't bargained for was that Irving had left early, saying he needed to do some shopping before work (buying some weed probably) and he'd catch me tomorrow as he had a date after work. Happy days!!
So Rache was a little taken back when i told her to go and place her hands on the shelf (which was approx' 4ft off ground level) and stick her bottom out. She started to protest, saying about Irving but i' told her he'd left. So then she said about dinner and i told her we were already late and another half hour wouldn't matter and in any case Irving wasn't going to be back til tomorrow. She realised she was fighting a losing battle and quickly did as she'd been told.
I went behind her unzipped her skirt and slid it down her legs making her step out of it, her knickers followed in a similar fashion. Now she stood naked from the waist down, in anticipation of what was to follow.
I placed my left hand on her pubis so as to push her bottom out, letting my fingers seek out her wetness. I spoke softly into her ear, telling her what a naughty girl she was and that she was going to get a very long, hard, bare bottom spanking. She was shaking like a leaf but it wasn't from fear. I stroked and caressed her gorgeous, perfectly pert ass until she was grinding herself back into my hand. I was harder than a witches nipple on a crisp winters morning!
I started spanking her slowly and methodically one cheek then the other, not too hard but enough to get her attention. My other hand was still on her pubis and she was desperately trying to grind down on my fingers but i wasn't allowing that yet and i told her just that! As the spanking continued, so did the ferocity. I plunged my fingers into her soaking wetness and upped the tempo. She was on the verge of cumming so i withdrew my fingers and delivered a final round of hard and fast spanks before sinking my best friend deep inside her whilst she clung on to the shelf for all she was worth. By the time we'd composed ourselves it was gone 7-30 and we were both ravenous! We walked out of my room, heading for the stairs, just as Irving was walking out of his. He had his usual stoned grin on, only this time it was much wider! I couldn't help grinning myself. But Rache was absolutely mortified, her face was nearly as red as her ass. I said that i thought he'd gone shopping. To which he replied he'd left his wallet behind. I don't know how long he'd been back and i didn't really care, it was too late to worry about that. Rache however, thought a lot differently. It was a good few weeks until she could show her face there again. She was never late after that night though! ;-)
I did give her a good thrashing with my belt later that night. Only after i'd checked that Irving wasn't in the apartment anywhere and i'd bolted the apartment door on her insistence.

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It has been sometime indeed since I have been on here.This time of year is always crazy for me,what with the general mayhem which surrounds the approaching state examinations and the multitudes of people willing to break down my door to spread the panic and confusion. At this stage I am sick to death of telling people to just breathe and do your best. However for now there is peace,until the results come out in August,then the real fun starts.

Two weeks ago Jen surprised me with a weekend trip to Paris. A bit of a dirty weekend in store you might say. I asked my brother,hence forth known as CHIEF KNUCKLE HEAD,to keep an eye on my niece and my house. Jen and I set off and once in Paris we spoiled ourselves;Spa treatments,massages and lots of wine. We met up with some old friends that we know there and had a wonderful sexy time.Many bottoms were spanked.It was a nice break from the stresses of work for us both,I telephoned my niece and my brother twice each and was assured that 'everything was great'.Unfortunately,Monday arrived and we went back to the airport for our flight to Cork.Arriving in Cork we go got lost trying to find Jenny's car. We were too excited leaving to make note of where she parked,but once we located the car we headed off to West Cork and home.

I first realised something was wrong when Jen drove up the driveway to our house and there was a large van parked there.On the side of the van it read ' General House Maintenance,Plastering Carpentry,etc;'. Before Jen had even stopped the car I was out and running. I went into my house to be greeted by a friend of my niece who loudly exclaimed the word 'shit' upon seeing me. There was a few more of my niece's friends around the house,all busy cleaning. My niece appeared at the top of the stairs. She looked visibly shaken. Instead of saying ' was your trip?', I was met with 'We didn't expect you back so early'. Jen came in the house and immediately ran upstairs. Jen has a filing cabinet where she keeps documents for work. I heard Jen exclaim.I went upstairs,warning my niece not to move. In our bedroom a carpenter was busy fixing our built in wardrobe,another man was fixing plaster board in our ensuite bathroom. I lost it. I caught hold of my niece and demanded to know what had happened. Jen ran downstairs and called from the kitchen that there was a big mess. It turned out that my brother only checked my niece once and so my niece invited all her friends and and their friends to my house on the Saturday night for a party. This party got out of hand.Drink was taken,people vomited.The bedrooms were used for goodness only knows what.The lock on my study door was damaged. A painting of Jenny was knocked and the frame smashed. There was numerous stains on our floors,from drink,food and vomit. I lined up all my niece's friends and demanded they start cleaning,no one was going home until the whole place was cleaned. My niece's boyfriend came in and turned to run.but Jen was too quick for him and caught hold of his hoody almost choking him in the process. The cleaning was done and the workmen finished the repairs. My brother phoned thinking I was not back yet,he was checking on my niece. I threatened to break his legs if he came near the house. I cannot just take a little break away without everyone resorting back to cavemen mentality.

The following day I was at college when I got a phone call from the local garda in my village. He warned me off having anymore wild parties. I told him I had been in Paris,but he refused to believe me,the little shit. It seems that my niece's boyfriend's rock band had a impromptu performance in my garden. Since they only play rock and heavy metal I have no doubt that the sound traveled. I spent all of that evening driving around my neighbour's with Jen making sure no one had been disturbed. I was told that the noise was 'terrible' and that there was a lot of skulduggery on the roads around my property during the early hours of that Sunday morning.

My niece is not out of trouble yet. Believe me she has not got a penny to her name right now. She and her twit friend's have had to pay for the damage. Every evening she and her boyfriend and a group of their friends are painting fences on my property as well as redecorating my living room. I cannot believe my brother. I have managed to track him down since,Jenny even gave him a thump and I threatened to kick his shins but settled for dinner. There is now peace at home. I am spending my days going for long walks. In July Jen and I will return to France for our annual holiday.My niece will be coming with us and my first cousin will move into our house.

Now I must relax again and think of the five bottoms I spanked in Paris,yummy!

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“She comprehended the perversity of life, that in the struggle lies the joy.”
― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings


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Wiggle it.

Just a little bit!

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So anyway – Goldipox sets off down the road and turns onto the narrow path leading through the forest.

She is feeling pretty good to be away from her stepmother’s clutches in fact. She is whistling a little tune in time with her i-pod as she toddles along, pushing the wheelbarrow and smoking a joint.

After a few hundred metres or so she comes to a small clearing in which there are gathered several men, mostly dressed in green clothing. They are enthusiastically flogging the only woman present, who is naked except for a pair of white French knickers and who is tied securely to a beech tree.

Upon seeing Goldipox they stop what they are doing and fix their gaze on her. Then the one who appears to be the leader struts up to her and strikes a theatrical pose with his fists resting on his hips.

“Well well well! And who ith thith then?” he lisps. “What bringth you into our little glade?”

Goldilocks fixes him with a malevolent stare. “What the fuck is it to you Twatface? I’m Goldipox as it happens! Who the fuck are you is more to the point?”

Her inquisitor assumes an offended expression and replies:

“Why – I am Robin Hood and theth are my merry men – well except the girl obviously!” He throws back his head and laughs loudly. “You thimply mutht have heard of uth?” He points at the thickset oaf of a man who is standing on his left. “Thith is Big John!”

Goldipox looks unimpressed. “Don’t you mean “Little” John?” she asks contemptuously.

Robin adopts a smug expression. “I think I know him thlightly better than you do thweetie!” he sneers. “And the gentleman in the monk’th habit here is Friar Tuck!”

“Oh yes – Friar Fuck – I’ve heard all about him!” smirks Goldipox. “he is a bit of a celebrity down at St Agatha’s.

Robin again looks pained. “Tuck!” he corrects her. “His name is Tuck! T-U-C-K”

Goldilocks shakes her head. “That ain’t what the choirboys at St Agatha’s are calling him!”

Several of the Merrie Men turn to give the Friar some inquisitive glances.

“And over there is Maid Marion,” continues Robin, ignoring the crack and pointing to the woman who is lashed to the tree.

“MAID?? “ splutters Goldipox, incredulously. “MAID? You must be fucking joking Sunbeam. I know HER alright and her name sure as hell ain’t fucking Marion! Her name is Doris and she has felt more dick inside her than the entire Giants’ cheerleading squad!”

Robin looks distinctly uncomfortable. His neat little world is being fast eroded by this precocious interloper and he judges that it’s time to re-establish his authority - otherwise his Merrie Men might start to get a little rebellious.

“Alright Miss Gobby Pants!” he growls. “You’ve had your fun - now hand over the stuff in your wheelbarrow -or else!”

“Or else WHAT?” asks Goldipox with an air of indifference. “They don’t look so “merrie” to me anyway - more like a bunch of poofs!”

“Or ELSE me and my Merrie Men are going to treat you to a gangbang!” snarls Robin, in his best intimidating tone.

Goldipox feigns pretence of weighing up her options. “Okay – then I will take the gangbang please. I am in no particular hurry to get to grandma’s place. Besides - you lot probably won’t find her presents to your liking - unless you are all as queer as you look!

"And you better wear condoms on your dicks – those of you that have them that is!”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” roars Robin. “We don’t use stupid fucking condoms. We are roughty-toughty badass outlaws who serve the “meat” raw!”

“Suit yourself!” retorts Goldipox, hoisting her petticoats and pulling down her pants. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you – these pimples on my pussy ain’t beauty spots you know!”

With that her would-be assailants seem a touch taken aback. They go into a huddle and when they emerge the mood appears to have shifted somewhat.

“Erm – It seems that the guyth here are feeling a little hungover from attending the Pixieth’ pot-party latht night!” says Robin, by way of explanation. “We will take the presenth after all, if you don’t mind!”

“I wouldn’t if I were you Twatface!” smirks Goldipox. “My Uncle Alfonso is Godfather of the Toytown Mafia. You take his Momma’s prezzies and he will send his Goblins over to cut off your dicks. Then they will turn them into sausages and sell them to the Chinese caterers who are handling Solly Abrams’ bar-mitzvah party.”

Robin and his Merrie Men suddenly turn very pale and are looking decidedly less (forgive the pun) “gay” than before. This Goldipox is clearly not a doll to be messed with.

"Okay – well in that case you can go.” He says, amongst much confirmatory nodding from the others.

So Goldilocks reluctantly pulls up her pants and disappointedly trudges off down the path,

“Fucking lightweights!” she shouts back at them. She had rather fancied a gangbang to be honest but life seemed to be full of disappointments these days. “Oh well,” she sighs aiming a kick at a discarded beer can on the side of the path. “Shit happens!”

Meanwhile Robin smoulders impotently under the insult. He glares at Goldipox until she disappears round a bend in the path before picking up his whip and turning to the hapless Doris - aka “Maid” Marion. She is charging them fifty quid a head for the privilege of flogging her, on the express understanding that she is still a fresh young virgin!

The way he saw it, there ought to be a case to answer under the Trades Descriptions Act?

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Sadly, this new video (once approved) will be the last video of myself and my current spanker. He was glad to fulfill both of our dreams for a short time but he has transitioned on to other avenues of life. I hope you all have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the videos we've put out. It was fun while it lasted and I know now that my dream is even more realistic than I had hoped. There are over 7 billion people on this planet. If you haven't found the right one, then I say you are not traveling enough! I know I'm not ;)

Well Wishes and Warm Regards,


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I met Rache one night whilst working a local night club. She was 18, quite stunning, fantastic figure with one of the best asses i've ever seen and she was a lot of fun with it. I was 24,easy going, laid back with an eye for a pretty girl and a pert ass. Anyway, she flirted around me for most of the night and seemed to get on really well with the girlfriend of one of my mates. When the music finished and everyone was leaving she was still chatting with her. My mate asked me if i fancied going back to theirs for a couple drinks, apparently Lynne had invited Rache. So to cut a short story long! I ended up having a few beers and chatting endlessly with Rache long after the other 2 had gone to bed. We really hit it off and didn't look back for nearly 5 years.
It wasn't too long after we'd been going out, that Rache told me about an incident concerning her and a guy she used to hang out with before she met me. She told me that one day he'd spent a couple hours washing and waxing his car and she decided to throw some mud at it. She was an extremely mischievous girl! Anyway he was a rugby player and apparently he just threw her over his shoulder, took her into the house, sat down, hauled her over his knee, bared her ass and gave a spanking she obviously hadn't forgotten! I didn't say too much at the time but inside i was grinning like a Cheshire Cat and thanking the universe for answering my prayers. So it wasn't too long after that revelation that she found herself bare assed over my knee! And boy did she respond well to it. She was a headstrong, rebellious girl by nature and as previously mentioned very mischievous. I had died and gone to heaven.
Rache got spanked in all kinds of places. My van, the beach, my place, her mums place, the woods, tents both in UK and California, hotels here and there too and probably other places that don't spring to mind.
There are 5 incidents that really stick in my mind. And what follows is the first one.
We were both working in California for just over a year! She was a Nursery Nurse (Nanny) And i had work with some builders. Hers was a live in job and i shared a warehouse apartment with 3 other blokes, 2 Yanks and an Argentinian. So although i had my own room, the walls were really thin. Needless to say, we didn't have a lot of spanking action. However, we went down to Santa Cruz for a night (she lived in Berkley and i was in Oakland) and found a nice hotel to stay at and have some fun! We checked in, went for dinner (Well! We may have tested the bed out first) then headed back to the hotel. We got pretty wasted and decided to have a shower together. Things were getting pretty steamy! In more ways than one :-)) Anyway at some point i ended up sitting on the edge of the bath, with Rache laying over my knees getting her ass (which was long over due for such treatment) very soundly spanked while the shower water cascaded down on her delicious derrier. I have no idea how long this went on for, i was never in a hurry to get it over with though, so was probably quite a while. So when everything was over and we'd regained our senses so to speak! We climbed out the bath, only to be stood in a good 6 inches of water. Whoops! Luckily the floor was very well tiled, so the room below didn't get it. So there's the first installment. Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed ;-)

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