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Sorry to say, but this site is an absolutely laughable husk of what it used to be. Used to be you could come here and see plenty of new videos of young, attractive women receiving honest to god punishments, actual pain, actual tears. Not studio videos, backyard videos of people like you or I, giving and getting harsh discipline worth learning from, worth actually watching. Now, all that is gone, and when you come here, and it's like literally all preview or promo videos, bondage, and MEN. Men being spanked everywhere and men constantly putting up pictures of and showing off their asses, as if everyone wants to see it. I cannot begin to calmly describe how dramatically the shift in content has been over the years on this site, but honestly I can't be the only one who is bothered by this..This site used to be the #1 source of great and original spanking content. Now, every visit is nearly guaranteed disappointment and I usually find myself scrolling through tumblr and finding videos that are no longer on these servers or browsing through past downloads. That's not to say that nobody is doing it right on this site, there are still a few, the people who are I think would know that they are..Take away message here is, changes need to be made somewhere, whether it be here or elsewhere. The way that this site is right now, they might as well embrace it's usefulness for providing preview videos and men spankings and call it something altogether different..And make a new site with new and good spanking content like spankingtube used to be

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I've been searching for a good clit and G-spot vibrator as the ones I have don't do much for me. This week I joined Lovehoney’s Deal Of The Day, and there was a vibrator there that looked interesting. The tickler looked like a flat brush.
It's called the Lovehoney G Tickler Vibe, plus I bought the Lovehoney Star Bullet Vibrator. The tickler was half price and the Bullet was only a quarter, so it didn't cost much, though I have to be honest I never asked permission to buy them.
It's shocking how quickly I revert back to just buying without asking, in my mind I felt I had asked, as we had looked at a few and discussed ones to buy, so Master knew I was looking and wanted to buy one. Surely that meant I could buy one ?

When they came through the post yesterday he never commented on me buying them, but put the batteries in them, then figured out how to switch it off. The bullet needed you to just hold the button down so that was easy. The tickler has 7 different vibrations, going from gentle to fierce, then you just hold the button down to switch it off.

I headed to bed planning on having a little play, but had to be sure E didn’t come in as they were both noisy. But I reached for my bag of toys under my bed, taking out my lube and wipes, got myself comfy and squirted lube on the vibrator. Selecting a vibration, I slipped it inside, feeling the movement inside made me gasp, holy fucking cow, this feels wild. But when the clit tickler started against my clit, I threw my head back, it took all I had not to cry out in pleasure.
The little strands got right into my clit, and the area right at the base, made me feel like I could wet myself, it felt so intense I couldn’t handle it, E was only in the next room. But as I pulled away it seemed to make it worse, I’d never felt like this without Master. And never found the right toy to find this spot on my clit that made me feel so wild. No wonder one of the reviews said she had to go slow then work up. But I never felt my G-spot, that could be because my clit felt so intense or that this was another toy that wouldn’t find it. Master would love to watch me squirt, on my own, it was one of the main reasons I bought it. But maybe I need more practice, Master has said it's on the back of the wall not front like most girls, so I will have to try again. But I recommend it.
I played with it until I couldn’t deal with it anymore, I wanted to scream out loud, when I play again it will be when I'm alone, then I can be as loud as I want.
Finishing with that, I tried the Bullet, fucking hell, this just hit the spot immediately.
The only thing I'm not keen on is that you have to hold the button down whilst you play. My fingers don't work brilliantly anymore, so I struggled a little but again with practice I hope I can enjoy it too.

My play may not have been long, neither did I achieve an orgasm but I enjoyed it just the same.

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Tell me I'm not the only one who has days when "adulting" is too difficult. I need a daddy to put me in place and help me sort myself out. Anyone with the same problem? What do you do then?

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Looking for a female/mommy that knows how to spank a naughty boy, because thats what I am. I want you to spank me over my clothes at first, over the knee, and slowly progress. I need discipline extremely bad, and I have no one to tan my bottom. Once my warmup is finished, take down my shorts/jeans/sweats whatever I'm wearing and alternate, each cheek. Smack, smack, smack, smack. Then after about 2-5 min of constant spanks, its time to take my boxers down. If i start to squirm, lock my hand behind my back, put your legs over mine, and keep on spanking my bottom until it's as red as the red on the cardinals logo. Till I wont be able to sit down anymore.
We can discuss a safe word before hand, but I want it to be consensual, but meaningful, so unconsensual at the same time. Otherwise I'll just keep being naughty. And we can't have that. TEACH ME A LESSON!
I'm in Maricopa AZ. Please be near me as I can't travel that far. Near being no further than Flagstaff

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New content is coming soon who wants to see daddy’s newest punishment? :)

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I have been on this website for many years and yet to have found a sane partner to administer the proper discipline that I need, deserve and require. I just want a sane Male that is kind, thoughtful, sane and is able to help me create the balance in my life that I am looking for. Why is that so hard? I’m not looking for extreme pain nor abuse of any kind. Are my wants or needs of fantasy? Are they outlandish? Please advise. Any feedback would be great. Tell me where do I seek a good adviser or please guide me.

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Listen, as the story is told: yes, you, young lady, young man, are NEVER too old, to receive a disciplinary spanking. quit making excuses, we will be making good uses of technology and implements as to send the message and drive it home... good behavior is expected, in action and tone #SMalt #StrictMotivation Alternative Life Training

Need help reaching your worthy life goals, improving yourself or your behaviors, break addictions, change your ways? hit Me up. I work successfully be it long distance or face to face. easily affordable working, kink friendly, holistic step by step life-coaching programs; My success rate with willing people tops 90%. We just get better #StrictMotivation (c)

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So, I'm a newish member of Spankingtube, I made an account just over two weeks go and only just decided to put myself out there and get talking to people. I'm 18 years old, so pretty young I guess, and I've never actually been spanked. Growing up, the only discipline I ever received was getting shouted at.

I'm a believer that girls should be spanked for their wrong-doings, quite traditional I suppose, and I have tried to find people to spank me but I have never succeeded. I'm not open about what I want and I'm embarrassed by it and so I've never spoken about it to anyone - it's a secret that I wish I could embrace.

I think it's quite hard to have this kind of desire whilst still living with your parents, like I do. I can't drive yet (I live in the UK and have yet to pass my drivers test)and so my freedom to meet people is very restricted - also I'm so paranoid about online safety and stranger danger.

I'm not entirely sure what my point to this is and I've probably just wasted your time, but I guess if anyone is having a similar struggle to me then let me know. Maybe we can figure this out together.

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Some of my blogs were harsh and pretty in called for I'll admit it. I got several messages over them. I have a major problem with running my mouth when I don't need to run it. Happens alot ... I also have problems with holding my actual feelings inside. That's all. My bad and I'm sorry.

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So I asked yesterday if I should be punished a few gave me a answer .. and I thank you for that.. yes I have messed up alot lately. But it was not done on purpose so I shouldn't be punished that badly what u think? My Sir reads my blogs daily. So he see all u will say be nice people.... Lol don't give him any ideas

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Well my niece and I went head to head over the protest she and her friends had planned by not paying the 50 euro fines they were issued by the university so last Monday my niece and I sat in my car arguing on the drive to the city. She sited the many times I behaved as a rebel at university,this is true ,but times were different then;these days there is so much pressure on young people to perform and get as many qualifications as possible,those who do not perform very often get pushed aside. When I was at university I did mess around with some close friends, in particular my best friend,Amy ,but we always knuckled down when it came to exam time,my niece and her friends always seem to be attending one party or another,however my niece's boyfriend is quite the opposite to my niece,he works hard at university and on my farm as well as on Jenny's Dad's farm,he likes his rock music and he and a few lads have a rock band and they are quite good,they play at least one gig every weekend;he tends to be more work orientated than my niece,but I guess they balance each other out.

I parked my car in the University parking area and my niece got out and slammed the door shut,I took a deep breath,I threw a few tantrums when I was young,but when I look at my niece I cannot help but think that when I was her age I had just become a novice with the Sisters of Mercy,was I understanding her?,I know I threw away my 20's and 30's in the convent so was I judging her too harshly?,anyway all I knew was that she had to pay the fine or there would be consequences. My niece and I walked in silence from the car park to the Science Department,once inside I asked to speak with the Student Welfare Officer whom the fine had to be paid to,this young gentleman came to meet me,him and my niece knew each other and he immediately apologized to my niece for issuing the fine;was I hearing him right,why issue the fine and then apologize? He told me that the Department was otherwise very pleased with my niece ,but the house party she attended had got out of control and the fines were issued automatically by the University's Student Discipline Office,I seem to remember Jen getting a fine from them along time ago when she was a student,there was student newspaper which Jen was involved in that printed something very unpleasant about a staff member. I produced the fifty euro and was given a receipt,my niece stood there staring at me and then told the gentleman that she disagreed with the fine and she had no intention of paying it herself,personally ,he apologized again and then things took an alarming turn,he told me that my nieces's Professor would like a word with both my niece and I.We were asked to take a seat outside a room which had the Professor's name on it. The gentleman left and I immediately questioned my niece on what she had done to warrant the Professor wanting a word with us. She replied that it must be over the party. We waited,I was wondering was she going to be suspended,was there something she had not told me? My niece is a joker and sometimes says things in a joking way but others may get offended,I too am guilty of that,but my mind was racing. After about ten minutes this woman came out of the room and introduced herself as the Professor,the head of the Science Department, and invited my niece and I in.She greeted my niece warmly with a big smile on her face and even before we sat down she said "The Department is very proud of you". Recently in the past I had cause to wonder did I enter a parallel universe,this was another occasion;what was going on? The Professor shook my hand and smiled at me,I did notice that the Professor and I shared the same interest in ear rings,LOl. The Professor smiled at me and began to relate that earlier that morning she had received a letter from a research fund which is involved with scientific research in the university and that she was delighted to inform my niece, and I that my niece had been awarded a bursary to enter a research programme which would eventually lead to her Phd.My niece is very interested in Genetics,even some of the stuff she speaks about goes over my head,but this certainly was good news. We three chatted for awhile and I was very much relieved to hear that my niece doesn't party all the time,that her results are very good and that is why she and one other student have been awarded the bursary. The Professor was very happy and asked my niece had she given any thought to what area she would specialise in,my niece's response was true to form and made both her Professor and myself blush,my niece laughed and told her Professor that she would work on a way to clone her boyfriend so that she could have a threesome.Her response was met by a moment of silence before the Professor burst out laughing and said,"That's the spirit,you go for it,girl".Relief swept through my body.

So I am very proud of my niece.Her boyfriend brought her to a very expensive restaurant as a treat and both she and he are very pleased. As for Jen and I we are over the moon,no University fees to pay next year,the bursary covers it,YIPPPEEEEE!!!

Have a great week my friends and be safe.

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Sir is never satisfied
Until my butts red raw
I'm never allowed to rub it better
He prefers me being sore
So I squirm and grit my teeth
As he lays on the cane once more
Through red wet eyes and throbbing ass
He does his caning duty
As he stands back with Swish and crack!
A well thrashed aching booty
Now I'm standing nose to corner with my hands upon my head
And sirs wondering if he couldn't make my butt a deeper shade of red...

Girl Spanks Girl
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In Georgia, after going through several prospects, I finally found a spanking partner who clicked. Our ideas about punishment were similar, and he knew how to punish me to get the message across. We met regularly. He would come to my apartment once a month or so. He was usually congenial and upbeat, but when it was time for me to answer to him he immediately became In Charge and No Nonsense. I would be made to pull down my pants and panties and lay across his lap, and he would spank my bare bottom with his big, rough hand until I was quivering. He made me feel Punished instead of just pained. Most of the people I meet now want to do all sorts of different things, try different implements and corner time. They want me to talk through my transgressions at length, to answer to them. Some want me to talk dirty. One man insisted on spanking my bare breasts with his hand and then a belt. None of them can make me feel like he did; none of them have given me what I need: a punishment that shows me what a bad girl I am and makes me feel sorry.

I wish I could find that again. I need it.

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In addition to our account, you can also follow us on Tumblr, on Twitter @GS_Hard and on Fetlife @GirlsSpankedHard.

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When my hubby is naked and across my lap, I love feeling his cock against my leg. I sometimes will stop spanking, reach between his legs and grab him and stroke him a few times...then stop and continue to spank him harder. It makes me giggle when I feel his hardness go mushy against my leg because of my spanking. I like to repeat this sequence throughout. For some reason, he doesnt like this.

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About twice a month, Spankingpersonalads.Com allows for free messaging between members. Today February 21st, 2018 is one of those days.

I have no connection to the site, other than being a member.

Send Messages FREE Today 7pm - 1am East

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So was told I will be punished for doing stupid things and putting myself into bad places . Witch I don't feel I need to be. What do u all think u all know me. And do u think I should be punished and how bad do ya think?

1 drove car with suspended l
2 cussed. At my SIR in text
3 overly drank tequila and Gin don't remember what happened
4told 2 cops off god I hate cops....
5 lied to SIR ...
6 got 3 tickets.
That's a shot list

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