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How many people are getting spanked in these videos voluntarily and how many are getting paid? I've always been curious.

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I come to this site for spanking videos and photos but recently there has been a number of cock and balls photos being posted and, personally, I don't think they belong here.

I did email Marcus about it and he said he'll monitor the situation.

I just wonder what other users think.

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So.... here I am once again laying on my tummy writing this with a very sore bottom!!!! For the past 3 nights I have stayed up WAY past my bedtime..... Daddy (darkmagic) is very strict on my bed time! If I don't get my sleep I get very fussy and cranky, and end up in trouble, cuz I don't want to listen. Well since I was still up at 530am this morning when he got up for work he told me that today when he got off I would be getting 50 with the cord!!! Now I don't know if any of you have had it but it hurts ALOT! So I was instantly scared and started crying especially since last I got a big paddling and got the cane for the first time and a LONG mouth soaping. You would think after a punishment like that I would listen and go to bed on time, but I have a lot of trouble sleeping. But anyway back to my spanking lol.... So when I finally woke up today (only slept 5hours) daddy had texted me and told me he was staying home today so we could be off together, but I was still getting a spanking. So after breakfast and me trying for over an hour to wiggle my way out it. He said it was time but he lowered the count to 30 (Thank goodness lol) so I got 10 on my jammies and 30 on my bare bottom.... And then for some unknown reason he decided I needed another caning so I got 20 with the cane. so my bottom is very sore right now.... and I am definitely not going to be staying up past my bedtime (unless I have permission) any time soon!! But I guess now is the time I say thank you daddy for my spanking, and caring enough to help me get my sleep and thank you for always caring for me and keeping me safe and cheering me up when I am sad. Oh and most importantly thank your for loving me.

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This is what I imagine today someone coming to get me taking me to their place having me wait in a corner then as they sit on a couch chair telling me to come over and bend over knee give me a few then telling me to pull jeans down give me a few more then pulled panties down and getting belt used one good andharc

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The dawn, the dew, the daisies were delightful.
But Master Luck would soon be waxing spiteful.
A surly sergeant shrieked for my attention.
Said I, is this some fucking intervention?
Demands to call my lawyer were rejected.
I stripped my tender buttocks as directed.
He swatted, swore, and sweated, then he rested.
His spanking skills are rightly uncontested.
The setting sun gave hints of heaven's glory,
As rumor wrote my scintillating story.

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Hello Everyone

During our exploration of the CP scene we have become aware of a practice called ginger figging. Has anyone here come across this or even better have any experiences they would like to share?

Allegedly it is a punishment practice that goes back centuries and was very popular when used in conjunction with corporal punishment. Essentially what you do is take a ginger root, fashion one of the fingers into a shape rather like a butt plug and then insert it into the anus of the unfortunate victim.

The idea is that when anus grips the ginger root the juices produce a burning sensation which in turn makes the victim relax their buttocks to reduce the burning. The relaxed buttocks then make an excellent target to receive the cane.

Below is a photo of our first attempt at a ginger fig. We got as far as trying it out to assess the affect but didn’t indulge in any CP. On its own the fig is quite unpleasant and didn’t disappoint with regard to its impact on Zadok's bum. If it were to be used for the duration of a caning we suspect it would need to be held in place as the natural reaction is to try to expel it.

Anyone like to see us put one of these to use when Ms. E next wields her cane?

Ms. E and Zadok

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Hello everyone,
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have a lot on my mind so here it is. My lying cheating husband wants me to accept an apology to the girl that 1. She over extended her stay last summer. 2. Put her legs over my husband. 3. Ate up $200-250 worth of food. 4. Wrote insulting status about me after spending a weekend as a guest at my house when I was gone. 5. Sneaks into my house when I am not home and spends the nights with my husband behind my back. 6. Took $2,000+ from my family and now we are struggling to pay our rent. I have to come up with $600 by tomorrow all by myself or we will get kicked out. I need all the help to muscle up the money so my daughter has a place to stay. Please help. Thanks for reading my blog. Please inbox me if you do want to donate.

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Another nice day

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We met on my first day in the Hoffman building. He was in his dress white uniform, a 20 year Navy veteran - sharp and confident. Austin had earned his role as the senior military assistant to the Senator with sweat, commitment, and all the experience I lacked.

I was hired as the Senator's legal advisor. Like many who joined the government in the months following 9/11, I was promoted far too fast. I was smart, could memorize hundreds of pages of policy at once, but I had never looked down the barrel of a gun, never led a squad, never proved my resolve.

Although my civilian rank matched the stripes on Austin's shoulder I knew I had not earned my spot at the table. But this was not a world in which humility was honored. Success required poise.

We stood side by side advising the Senator, the Armed Services Committee, and every defense VIP in the nation. Fifteen hours a day, seven days a week. There was no time for friends or dating. I was desperate to live up to the reputation of my rank and I was stressed out of my mind. As the battles intensified halfway around the world I felt more and more pressure to get every call, every recommendation right.

In retrospect it is no wonder Austin noticed my downward spiral. I aged 10 years in 6 months, had less and less time for hair and make up, insomnia darkened my eyes, and my weight dropped.

Austin often asked how I was sleeping, eating, if my headaches were worse, and why I hadn't yet seen the assigned counselor. I appreciated his friendship, respected his career and counsel, but I wasn't looking for a father. I had run from own father-I had proven my mind was more profitable than his farm and my body stronger than his strap.

Austin admitted when the job became too much, when he needed to take a moment, usually with a long jog on the nation’s historic mall, from the rotunda to the Vietnam Wall. But in my mind he had earned this right, the right to show stress and fatigue, his career proved he would not break. I had proven nothing and therefore could admit no weakness.

And so I consumed the stress of each new day, each new loss, each new humanitarian crisis, as if I alone was responsible for US policy and winning hearts and minds in far off lands. I was lost. My refusal to take a moment to breath had left me in a state of utter tension.

That morning I was in at 5am, six hours after I had departed the evening before, and as was my routine I checked the intelligence reports first. Word of an errant bomb and the loss of innocent children tore at my heart. The Senator would be asked to address the loss and defend the legalities of war - the sad unintentional cost. I went straight to work - no breakfast, little sleep, shaking from a mixture of insomnia and grief.

Austin was in by 5:15am. Always the second to arrive. I told him immediately of the tragedy knowing he would need to call the field, to gather the details, and as was his gift, to counsel the men who would have to absorb the tragedy first hand. But before he began he paused at my desk. In a warranted appraisal of my emotional state, he suggested I allow another member of the team to write the Senator's speech.

In a moment for which I am not proud I returned his kindness with venom. I was not about to let someone else lead this charge, nor to give anyone pause as to my capability or a reason to question my quick rise in government rank.

I reminded Austin of my place in the office, my flawless performance appraisals, the diplomas on my wall. I told him to do his damn job and back away from mine.

I had never spoken that way to him and in the worst timing the words left my mouth just as two interns entered the suite. To his credit he did not bark back. He did not remind me as he should have of my naive nature and youth. Instead he lightly tapped my desk with his fist, leaned down, and with a whisper suggested it was time for us to have a private chat.

My life paused. It had been years since I had been scolded. And unlike my youth under a terrifying father, Austin’s stern words were not accompanied by anger. Instead, his voice cracked with concern and care as if he regretted things had come so far and that a 'chat' was now required.

He grabbed me under my arm and guided me from my desk to a private waiting area in which we normally hosted the Senator's constituents. He locked the door behind us and then sat on a plain, wooden chair in the center of the room. He beckoned me to come to him, taping lightly on his knee.

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So ima leave these here


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I have been exploring other aspects of my kink life and I would like to be a Lil to a mommy.

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I used to write spanking fiction and post it over at deviantart under the same username that I have on here. I've been thinking lately that I want to revive one of my creations, the schoolgirl spanking stories, and put them up for download on Kindle. Of course I'll rewrite and update the stories first, as it's been a long time since I posted them. I may even begin to write again when I can and continue the set. Is that something that people may be interested in?

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It's been a while but last night I finally got a good spanking again. First I put on my spanking panties, black with lacy trim. Then she plugged me with a 4" long butt plug. She started spanking me first with a new flogger I bought then gave me about 30 strokes with the leather strap. some more with her hand then finished up with 25 more with the flogger which I had to count. I had to sleep in my panties & nothing else & leave the plug in till morning.

Woke up this morning with a sore ass & very uncomfortable butt hole. It actually still is

Hope it's not 3 months till the next one!

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She's a
Well read
Red head
Red behind
Lose your mind kind of girl

She's a
So sweet
Can't beat
Little wild
Naughty child kind of girl

She's basically
My kind of girl

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Yesterday was my birthday and no spanking. What a bummer

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ive been a member of this site for over 7 years... in that time only ONE person knows what I'm about to tell ya all.

I came from a family of 6 kids.. two parents who stayed together til death.. I was the 3rd in line , 2 older sisters, 2 younger sisters n a younger brother who came between the 2 younger sisters..

my parents were alcoholics who drank every single weekend mostly at our house where other people came over n sometimes at someone elses house..

at age 9 my grandfather on my moms side started molestin me n that went on for 3 yrs... at the age of 11 my dads father also was inappropriate with me but I honestly believe his mind kinda went after his wife died... n then there was a lifelong friend of my dads who had a wife n kids n came to our house quite often...

I was so confused .. I had people I loved n trusted n I KNEW what they were doin was wrong but I was raised in a time where kids were seen n not heard n u were raised to do as u were told etc...

the lifelong friend "Uncle Joe" used to pin me in our hallway n force his tongue down my throat as he grabbed tween my legs n told me over n over he was goin to b the one to "pop my cherry".. I once told him I was gonna tell my dad if he didn't leave me alone n his response was "and who do u think he will believe, his best friend or some kid?" .. NOW I know he would of believed me n put a stop to it but at that time I wasn't so sure n so the abuse continued..

one time I was to go to his house to pick up babysittin money cause I had watched his kids the weekend before.. it was summertime , I was 13 n I was headin to the pool in his neighborhood so I called before hand n talked to his wife n asked if I could come get my $ n she said yes... as a afterthought I asked who was gonna b there n she said just her n the two kids .. I was dressed in a two piece bikini n a tshirt...

I arrived at the house n checked for his car.. it was gone n I was relieved.. I went to the door n knocked n walked in.. I called out to her n there was no answer.. I walked to the kitchen n turned around to find him standin in the doorway, my stomach sank.. I asked where his wife was n he said he sent her to the store n my $ was on the bedroom dresser.. I told him I was in a hurry n looked in the bedroom n there was my $.. I reached in , tryin not to enter the room but he pushed me from behind n onto the bed n he was on me in a flash... he was a big man.. nearly 300lbs n over 6ft tall.. he wrestled my bikini bottoms off me as I struggled underneath him... I still dunno how but as he raised up to open his britches I managed to squeeze out from under him n out the door in a flash.. I walked home bottomless holdin my tshirtdown to cover myself.. no one noticed n I never said anything but after that day he never bothered me again...

also at the age of 13 I had a argument with my mom over school n left the house... I skipped school n walked the streets.. hours later as I was headin home a car pulled up beside me .. there were two black men in the car n they asked me for directions to a bar.. id passed it a million times so I knew where it was n pointed it out to them.. i then went onto crossin the street in front of the car n almost immediately felt a hand on my mouth as the driver brought me back to the car n pushed me in the front between the two of them... the passenger said to me in a low voice " get out the first chance u get"// the driver pulled up the bar n let the passenger out but held onto me... he drove a bit n parked off the side of a bridge down a hill... he said "don't be scared, i just have to go pee n ill take u home, i just wanna talk"... he got out n went to the back of the car n i reached for the handle but i wasn't fast enough n he came to the door n pushed me back into the seat.. his pants were already opened... he tugged me out of my britches n as he penetrated me he said " u ever handled a nigger before?".. i struggled n he punched me hard in my face twice... i saw stars... when he was done he calmly said " i didn't know u were a virgin" n then added " u might see some blood, its ok, just clean urself up".. then he drove me within 2 blocks of my house. it was dark now.. i entered the house where my mom was waitin up. i knew she was pissed .. she took one look at me n said "go to bed".. i had a swollen, cut n bruised lip.. i got into fights all the time so I'm sure she thought it was just another.. i went to bed n never said a word..

now I'm gonna back track a lil.. by the age of 11 i was just goin thru ALOT.. i loved my grandfathers but hated them too.. i hadn't told anyone anything so i was dealin with it all on my own n i remember lyin in bed one night n wishin they would all die n just leave me alone... 2 months later my one gramps did die... n bein 11 n already fucked up i blamed myself.. for the first time i picked up a razor n cut myself.. i sliced up my arms n just watched the blood flow.. i was didn't cry.. i was determined no one was ever gonna make me cry again...

so now movin ahead.. i met my husband to be when i was 14 n he was 19... we started goin out together at that time... we married on my 16th bday makin me a step mother to his 2 yr old daughter n had our first baby 4 days later.. my husband also was a drunk n almost never home but he managed to get me pregnant over n over.. baby 1 at 16, baby 2 at 17, baby 3 at 18, baby 4 at almost 20, baby 5 at 21, baby 6 at 23, baby 7 at 24, baby 8 at 26, baby 9 at 29 n baby 10 at 30...

now i had spankin needs all this time but my husband wasn't interested.. he said i was "sick" to have those needs so i buried myself into my kids who r my life... i was my happiest with them.. i didn't drive so i took them on buses to dr visits n we walked to the parks daily so they could play..we would pack up pb n j sammies n jugs of water n off we would go for the day... those r the best times ever..

at age 34 i became a Gramma for the first time.. what a wonderful feelin.. to date i have 46 grandchildren with one due anyday now... n i have 2 GREAT grandchildren with two on the way..

things got worse n worse between my husband n i n as the kids grew n moved on i felt more n more alone n my needs came back ten fold...

in 2006 i got my first out of the house job n learned to drive at the same time.. in 2008 i left him after 35 yrs... i lived on my own for 15 months ..i joined datin sites but all i found were "vanilla" people n i knew i didn't ever wanna another vanilla relationship.. i did have a mentor for a spell n got to experience real spankings n punishment for the first time..

at the end of 2009 i met my current partner online thru a BDSM site.. he read my profile n told me i was exactly what he was lookin for.. we talked online, we talked thru messenger , we talked on the phone n then we met.. we lived less than 5 mins apart.. it was a hit!!... i was so happy n felt so fulfilled .. i moved in a month later n we had some really good times.. but then somethin changed or maybe it was always there n i didn't see it at first but to make a long story short.. i ended up movin out after 3.5 yrs n got my o wn apt for another 15 months... i struggled hard havi no choice but to get a 2nd job n never havin any time for family which was the worse part...

although i moved out we continued to see each other.. he would spend nights at my apt or me at his house.. we still went out to eat n to the movies.. he still disciplined me etc n he begged me to move back in promising things would b better ... after 15 months i did move back in ( June 2015) but things have not been better........

so theres my life..... pls don't comment..

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There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence.

The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down. He discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence.

Finally the day came when the boy didn't lose his temper at all. He told his father about it and the father suggested that the boy now pull out one nail for each day that he was able to hold his temper. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone.

The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence. He said, "You have done well, my son, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave a scar just like this one. You can put a knife in a man and draw it out. It won't matter how many times you say I'm sorry, the wound is still there."

The little boy then understood how powerful his words were. He looked up at his father and said "I hope you can forgive me father for the holes I put in you."

"Of course I can," said the father.

It's not always anger, it is your actions in general. There are no "fresh starts" in life. There is no new beginning. Forgiveness comes easy for many people but the scars of the past, they never go away. Watch what you do today, because sometimes the price isn't worth the reward.

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I imagine when I call In or quit my job my friends find out guy or girl that spanks they take me to a room have me pull jeans down bend me over and really blister me good

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I'm a happy man!

Wish You all a great spring time!

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I have always been partial to the belt. There is nothing like the feeling of the doubled up leather on bare skin. Although at the time it is difficult to endure, the after effects of lined, red marks and raised skin are worth the pain. To go along with the physical part, there is an almost cathartic feeling that goes along with leaning against the wall while your bare bottom is being seared with the leather being applied to the bare skin in a very severe manner. Being that this was the instrument that was used when I was younger for my transgressions, the final product of an extremely whelped and deep red bottom almost cleanses me of the naughty things that I may have done or said. Although other instruments are applied to the naked skin of my bottom at different times, the belt is always in the mix for each and every session.
Over the next few weeks/months, I will be blogging about the other instruments that blister my bare bottom, and the impact they make on me (No Pun Intended), but wanted to start with the one that is nearest and dearest to me. THE BELT!

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