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i have talk about what i have done . it was talked out and discussed. and taken care of... so all is ok now ....... will be punishing myself for a week ....pre request

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Rina sat on her bed dreading what would happen when her father came home and learned she had ditched school today. Mommy had already spanked her and had sent her to her bedroom to wait for daddy. She told Rina she’d might as well pull the desk chair into the middle of the room along with her hairbrush now as she would surely be doing that once mommy told him what she’d done. Being spanked by mommy hurt but nowhere near as much as being spanked by daddy. 2 months ago she was caught ditching class and they accepted her excuse that she hadn’t felt well. She got restriction for a week. At least mommy did. Daddy said he wasn’t buying it. He’d go along with mommy this time but if I ditched school again than regardless of my excuse he would put me over his knee and spank my bare bottom!
I wish I hadn’t listen to Carrie she thought. BFF told her the trick was to skip the whole day not a single class. Then call the school in the am the day they want to skip as her mom and excuse the absence then. It works all the time. Well after a great day at the mall Rina came home and discovered it doesn’t work all the time..the school does random checks. Mommy said they called and on finding out it was a bogus call the school checked with Carrie’s parents. Carrie was lucky tho since her mom and dad didn’t believe in spanking.
She couldn’t help feeling sorry for herself as she sat there looking at the chair with her hairbrush on the seat. Tears started to fall from her eyes.
She heard daddy’s truck pull into the driveway and him coming in the back door a couple of minutes later. She didn’t hear anything for a bit...she guesses mommy was telling him about ditching school.
At the sound of his footsteps on the stairs Rina quickly wiped her face and sat up straighter on the bed. He came into her room. He picked up the brush and said;
“Well young lady what do you have to say for yourself?” I didn’t know what to say so I kept my eyes downward.
“Stand up and come over here. Now. Look at me when I’m talking to you.”
I stood there looking at him but when he said it looked like a week restriction didn’t teach me a lesson I couldn’t help but look away I was so scared. Daddy stood up then and taking my arm and turning me to the side started to spank my behind. I said “Look at me when I talk I to you.” He sat back down and repeated the question.
“No sir.”
“And what did I say I’d do if you ditched school again?”
Keeping my eyes on his I quietly said,
“You’d put me over your knee and spank me.”
“Actually Rina, I said I would put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes” I whispered and tears began to fall.
“Save your tears Rina. Hike up your dress and pull down your underpants. Now get over my knee. You’ll be crying real tears soon enough.”
I lifted my skirt in back and pulled my panties down. I put myself over his knee.
“How old are you?” like he didn’t know. The rule was 1 swat per year plus x number. It use to be plus 2 but as my brother and I got older our plus swats increased. Daddy said we didn’t need a spanking as often but when we did he’d up the plus swats every time. My brother was at 2; I was at 5.
“I’m 17 daddy”.
Daddy didn’t bother telling me how many swats I had coming nor did he make me count them. We both knew. He lifted his hand and brought the brush down.
“Ow ow owie please daddy.” “SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
Daddy was only half way done and I didn’t know if I could take anymore.
“Please daddy I promise I won’t ever ditch school again!”
I was sobbing and wailing. My legs were kicking but daddy held me in place and delivered his final 5 spanks.
He let me lie there a minute so I could calm myself a bit. He used the time to quietly scold me on my behavior. When I quieted to those shudder breaths he lowered my dress and said I could stand and pull up my panties. I did so. Then he stood up and taking my chin in his hands he tilted my face up and said “I don’t like spanking you but I love you and I will spank you when you need a spanking. You needed that spanking. No more ditching school. Remember that and remember you’re up to plus 6.
I nodded my head and he pulled me close for a hug. He kissed the top of my head and murmured “what ever will I do with you. That just about broke my heart.”
“I’m sorry daddy. I’ll be good.”
“I know you will pumkin. Get ready for bed.. Mommy will send up some dinner for you in a little bit.

That never happened to me but I sorta wished it had!

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What qualifications so to speak do you look for in someone that you are looking for as either one of the following a daddy dom, or a disciplinarian? I have a few qualifications that I look for in people myself. Honesty is very important and a few more. I am really interested in the whole domestic discipline aspect and would love to learn a lot more about it.

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I turned eighteen in April of 1974. I had four sisters, two older by a year (twins), one two years younger and one three years younger. My mom was a young mom at nineteen and dad was about the same age. I had been ordered to reform school for three months the previous spring, 1973. It was for car theft and, especially since then, both parents kept a pretty close watch on me.

I might add both my mom and dad were big time "Holy Roller" Christians (pentecostal.) They believed in the Lake of Fire and in everything the Bible said.

In May of 1974, when I was eighteen already like I said, my girlfriend Jilly June and I had become engaged and, in fact, we got married by the pentecostal preacher about six weeks later, after we'd graduated from high school. (Jill was a Holy Roller type, too! lol)

Anyway, that May my mom and I got into it over a bunch of stuff. For one thing, I had left some garbage out in front of the trailer house, which violated one of the rules of the trailer park. For another, I was just being mouthy. I don't remember what all went down, but I yelled at mom and said "F_ _ K YOU!!!!" (Which was a big mistake.)

Dad got home about 4:30 and he wasn't happy one bit when mom told him what happened, which I hoped she wouldn't. I thought about taking off but he pulled me aside and went "Remember, son. you ain't nowhere too big for a damned good lickin'." I didn't know for sure if dad meant to whup my ass or no, but I sort of figured no. I hadn't had a hard ass whuppin' from him since September which was eight months. Although, of the twins, Holly who was was now 19 and married HAD gotten a good spanking from Dad when she was eighteen.

I rolled my eyes and that did it. Dad, his name was Wally, yelled at me to GET IN THE LIVING ROOM and CLOSE THE DOOR. He went in the bedroom and came out holding the old brown cowhide strap with a wooden handle. I sure didn't want another licking but there wasn't too much I could do. Dad yelled at me to GET YOUR DAMN CLOTHES OFF so I had to strip down buck naked which is how us kids always got it. I remember I had on just jeans and underpants and a tee shirt top and was barefoot.

Dad was a big man who worked in a factory. He sat down on the couch and pulled me right across his lap, and I remember how sweaty he was. I was no wimp but there wasn't too much I could do except yell I didn't want a lickin' or whatever.

So, there I was bare naked and over dad's lap. Right then the living room door opened and mom came in, looking serious but not saying anything. Dad's big calloused paw came down HARD on my right cheek then my left. It was like he'd do one, then two on the same spot, then three, four, etc. When I had got about 20 handspanks he took the strap and really let me have it, probably around forty cracks while I cried and whined like a bad little eight year old! My butt was red hot and I squirmed and kicked.

He finally let me up and I put on my jeans, probably blushing. The Dad yelled at me to GET IN MY ROOM AND NOT COME OUT FOR SUPPER!

I was crying when I went in my room. My next oldest sister, who was sixteen, looked in and asked me if I was all right. I was sort of sobbing, I guess, but I said "It didn't hurt at all!" (trying to save face.) She just went, "Right" knowing all the while the spanking hurt like hell.

That was the last ass lickin' I got from Dad. My girlfriend Jill found out what had went down and while she was sympathetic she kind of grinned which pissed me off. (Jilly wasn't any stranger to punishment, either. She for spanked and switched.) Back in those days, among working class, protestant people, it was nothing rare.

Well, what can I say? The butt tanning left me resentful and mad and it left me red, raw and sore for a few days. There was the hurt and the sting and also the regret. I knew I was wrong to mouth off to mom the way I did, so you could say the spanking worked. I was fully eighteen when this went down and wasn't sure I wouldn't get another ass tanning from Dad until Jill and me got married the end of June and moved into a different trailer.

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how does one go about findin that ONE person u can tell ALL to?........that ONE person u trust 100% ? ... that ONE person who builds u up n makes u feel good?... that ONE person who will hold u accountable when u fuck up?... that ONE person u can be urself with all the time?..... that ONE person who u cant wait to be with n u hope cant wait to be with u.......that ONE person who misses u as much as u miss them when ur apart?..that ONE person who isn't ashamed to let others know ur "with" them... lol yeah I'm a dreamer............

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so i majorly messed up yesterday ..i am not saying w hat i did but the one person that needs to know knows... iam really really really ashamed. and know he is probably really disappointed in me.. iam disappointment in myself dont know if i can fix this .. and its driving me crazy....cassy what did you do DAM..... i would self punish myself but that's not good enough .... stands in corner..... feeling really bad

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I still don't have any enema video here. But I'm planning to make it. If you have good ideas about scenario - you are welcome - here or in private message. What pose do you like? How much water? What kind of equipment?

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We had a slow morning, G was up a 9 am, I had actually slept until 7.15 am and woke with no back ache for once. In fact I didn't believe I was awake at first because I'm so used to the normally morning pains.

G had a shower and I treated myself to another bath reading my book. We got dressed and went for a drive to find somewhere for breakfast. As we were on a budget, we weren't paying the prices at the hotel.

We visited the nearest Tesco supermarket but there was only a coffee shop, selling drinks and cake so we didn't fancy that. But we bought meal deal sandwiches for lunch then went for a mystery drive to find a pub or cafe. The nearest Carvery pub had got only 1 star so we didn't fancy that either. We ended up in a housing estate and found a small shopping centre with a cafe, it looked very busy inside. So we went there for a cooked breakfast that was yummy.

We then headed back to the hotel for some fun before we were going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Once we arrived G told me I had to get naked again. The staff had been in the room to clean and opened the window. So our nice warm room was back to freezing again. But I stripped as I was told.

"Time for your morning spanking I think." G told me. He took everything off the coffee table and placed a pillow on it.

I asked if we could video this one so G took a few minutes to set up the camera, I took out the cuffs, getting mentally prepared. Once he was ready he told me to lie over the pillow.

Cuffing my wrists to the table legs, I grabbed the legs to hold onto. Taking the pillow into my mouth to bite on G started with Mr Loopy. This is a high impact loopy make from cable. It's pretty nasty, sharp and doesn't need much of a hit to hurt like hell. I started screaming into the pillow almost immediately, then G took my gag and fastened it around my mouth. It did prevent most of the screaming but I knew I was a bit loud. G enjoyed videoing today, positioning the camera at different angles, but when he changed angle I got more and more swats with the loopy. My usual 30 swats was now at least 60. For a change, G used the strap 5, 10 times, standing between my legs he swatted upwards for a change of area to hit. My mind was just a blur of pain. As our wooden paddle had snapped G took the Mr Spikey paddle and used the wooden side instead of the spikes. This made a hefty clap and an even heftier wallop on my burning bum, which was starting to feel numb.

He grabbed my hair and told me off for crying like a baby, and told me to stop crying. I nodded my head, I understood I had to focus really hard and stop crying. Easier said than done though......

G finished up with the loopy once more. Ensuring ALL of my bottom was covered, from the sides to sit-spot to the top of my bottom. I was beside myself by the end.

G asked if I had enjoyed my spanking and I nodded. "What do you say ?" he asked. "Thank you Master" I managed to say still wearing the gag. He carefully rubbed a lot of cream on my tender bum and legs then undid the cuffs, took my gag off and gave me a kiss. He pointed to the corner and said "I think that's the perfect spot for your time-out.

So I stood in the corner with my hands on my head, G took a few photos. He then said "Come over and stand on the chair and continue your time-out." I turned to look and he had placed the chair in front of the window with the curtains open. I looked at him and had a big smile on his face. I climbed on the chair, hands on my head fully naked. I stayed there for a few minutes when I was allowed to get down. G had again taken a few photos.

We finished the play by G wanting a bj stood by the window. This started off as fun until G pushed my head further down, not letting me up. He started thrusting his cock further towards my throat as I tried to push away. But I wasn't winning. By the time his pre-cum had leaked out I started the gag. I couldn't breath, I couldn't do much as he came, his seed rushing into my mouth, no where for it to go, I started gagging again but conscious that I couldn't let any escape. So I kept my lips tight around his cock until he let go of my head and I was able to move him to the side of my cheek and swallow his gift once more. Ensuring his cock was perfectly clean, I released him and gave his tip a kiss. Getting up off the floor was hard though as my bottom was feeling swollen and the welts were bruising. I knew it was going to be very tender all day.

"MMMmmmmmmmmmmm perfect." I think.

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I cuddled up once more next to G, my bits felt sore and well used. I liked that a lot.

I started to stroke his hard cock under his jeans, teasing it, fingers tracing his balls and rubbing his thighs.

"Would you prefer me to be naked?" he asked, I nodded quickly. So he stood up and stripped his clothes quickly. His cock sprang up once out of the confines of his boxer shorts. Sitting down, I continued to play with his cock and balls. I knew he was close, I'd felt his pre-cum and seen it glisten. "Don't make me cum, i want to enjoy this for as long as possible." he whispered. So I cupped his balls gently until he said, "Let's have a bath."

I didn't need asking twice, I loved a bath or shower with him, I filling the bath up, plenty of bubbles and said it was ready. The water was still too hot for G, so we splashed the cold water around until it was cool enough. He climbed in first then I climbed in at the other end. That was the tap end so I couldn't lie back so I just enjoyed splashing the water over him, playing with his balls once more. I gently stroked his bottom, my fingers sliding over his hole, just tapping his entrance like I know he enjoys. We were both so relaxed we stayed for ages just doing this. I then grabbed the sponge, soaped it up and washed his body. This again is such a beautiful intimate time, and we stayed like this for ages. Eventually I lay my head over his chest and used my hands to wash over us both.

After a while though the water was too cold for G, so I turned around, turned the hot tap on and sat between his legs. It didn't take long for the water to heat up again. so turning it off, I lay back and enjoyed G washing my tits and playing with my nipples. I think since I got them pieced, my nipples started to feel more sensitive, and I found I was actually close to cumming just from this. It's never happened before. Even G was surprised so he continued, seeing my enjoyment.

I've no idea how long we stayed there, we had some fun taking selfies, sending one to our playmate friend, saying Wish you were here. She replied quickly saying So do I.

I was very pleased with her response.

So we eventually climbed out, I wrapped a towel around him, then did mine. I felt it appropriate that I served him first. We sat wrapped up on the sofa for a bit then G said "I will have a blowjob now please."

I got up, towel still wrapped but G quickly undid it, "No clothes remember."

I smiled at him as i knelt down between his knees. I kissed him gently, kissing his tip, and started to watch the reaction on his face, instead of closing my eyes like I normally do. He looked down at me and smiled, the love between us was so intense. I opened my mouth as wide as possible to take him fully in my mouth, my jaw stretching wider, it hurt a little.

But I continued to take him full into my mouth, closing my mouth only when he was fully in, holding his cock with my jaw and lips I then slid down to kiss and play with his head. Doing this motion over and over until I tasted his pre-cum. G fisted my hair and once I had him full into my mouth he held me there so I couldn't slide back. His tip touching my throat. Quickly G started thrusting, going more into my throat as I tried to move backwards but he held me firm as his cum shot into my mouth. I couldn't breath, I couldn't swallow until he had stopped thrusting. Then I slid him to the side of my mouth so I could swallow his gift. I heard him chuckle as I took a breath quickly. He knew I wasn't a fan of deep throating but my squirming only encouraged him more. But if I'm truly honest I enjoy the discomfort of doing these things, knowing he's loving it too.

We popped out for a meal and enjoyed our company together for the rest of the night. We had a few drinks, watched a rubbish film then headed for bed. Both of us spent and happy.

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After my first spanking, we watched tv for a while. I snuggled up to G as I was cold as usual, and I didn't want to ask to put clothes on, what fun would be.

G started stroking my left butt cheek, then stroking became firm smacks. I love it when he uses just his hand, it's far more intimate, the feel of skin on skin, so you can both enjoy the warmth from the smacks.

As I started to enjoy it more, I tried to carefully untuck my right leg so my right cheek was accessible but G knew what I was up to. so pulled me to go over his knee, except I landed between his legs so my right shoulder was on his knee, I held myself up with my left hand. whilst G solidly walloped my bottom once again. As he started to slide his finger over my asshole, I slid my legs open more. So he chose to continue spanking me, right over my asshole, crack and pussy.

God this was wonderful, I thought, not wanting him to stop. But sadly he did, as his fingers found my wet pussy. Carefully he started to play with my rings, pulling them and playing with them. They had finally healed enough to play and not worry about them hurting me or starting to bleed. He found the inner rings and gave some gentle tugs on them then went back to the outer's again. G gently pushed 2 fingers into my wet pussy as I stuck my bottom out more to encourage him, exiting straight away to add a third finger. He pumped my pussy hard and didn't take long until I came, long shuddering spasms over his knee, my hands had fisted, one held a tight hold to his jeans, the other fisted the carpet,punching it gently until I calmed down. Sweat dripped from my brow, so my hair stuck to my face but I didn't care. I stayed over his knee, dangling down with my bottom up in the air, wanting more. I knew the temptation of my bottom just there would be too much for G to ignore, my puckered rose bub, awaiting to receive his fingers. He easily slid 2 fingers in, delving deeper, pausing for the muscle to relax to allow him further. this never took long, I wanted him there and then. He understood this. I pushed my bottom out further to get more of him so he added a third finger. Stretching me wide so it hurt a bit, I gave an ouch, which G found amusing.

"I like it when you ouch like that, it means there's something else to give you the pain you want and desire." G said as his fingers continued to spread me more open. He pushed in and out, in and out until I reached my high once more, he started fisting me, harder and faster. I couldn't control it any longer but I knew I had to be quiet. I let out a very quiet scream and my body convulsed and shook over and over. I was a firm believer that multiple orgasms were fan-fucking-tastic. I lay over his knee, spent and exhausted until G allowed me to get up.

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We arrived at the hotel after 31/2 hour journey, the weather was horrible, rain and wind blowing, but the traffic wasn't too bad.

Arriving in our room G had booked a double with a sofa bed, so we had a bigger room, a nice big bed and a big sofa that was reasonably comfy.

I was told to get naked within 5 minutes of arriving, I wasn't going to be allowed to be dressed whilst in the room.

I made us both a coffee and we organised our bags etc. Taking G's shoes off he said "You need your morning spanking to warm up, We will have have our coffee first."

Finishing off the coffee, I was told to choose my toy for my spanking. I went to our suitcase of toys and chose a Pain Stick, this was a new toy, we've not used much.

A wooden paddle, about 5 cm wide, 1 cm thick and 50 cm long. There were 3 holes travelling down it. I was told to kneel on the sofa like I would normally, and G was able to stay sat down whilst spanking me.

After a few whacks and me getting up, covering my bum, G told me if I moved again, he would start at the beginning again. After only 9 whacks, the next one went across my sit-spot. But I heard him say "O Oh, O oh." I turned to see what was up, and saw my Pain Stick was snapped !!!!!!!!

If it's been used for 20 whacks, I'd be surprised. Anyway I have emailed the company, and hopefully get a refund or replacement.

G said "It's not tough enough for my arse, I need something bigger, heavier and more meaty."

Not sure what he's saying but it was light in comparison to others we use regularly.

"Well you have 20 more so you better choose something else." He told me.

Going back to the suitcase, I wasn't sure what to pick. The only other wooden one I had packed was Mr Spikey, so we could use the flat back but I chose the strap.

"Oh goody. I will need to stand for this though. back in position." G ordered.

The first whip of that strap left my bottom on fire and felt like skin was ripped off, I went to get up but he quickly placed a hand on my back, ordering me to stay put.

At this point I hadn't got the bit gag out, so I had to practice my silent screams again. And boy did it thrash my ass. No more nice gentle straps, hard, strong, powerful perfectly aimed straps instead. My ass was crimson after the 20 was completed and on fire.

My first holiday spanking was astonishingly painful and that one same area on my right cheek had started to bleed once more so before I sat down, I needed to wipe the blood away.

Luckily I had packed the waterproof sheet I bought ages ago, So I got that out and sat on that for a while.

We both enjoyed half an hour cozying up on the settee, watching tv.

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Stern and Erin laid on the table, in the playroom. They really had enjoyed the session. Stern had planned a more serious encounter, but his passion got the better of him. Checking his watch, He decided they'd head to visit Mistress Raven, a little earlier than planned. She had narrowed down the entertainment, for the fair. He only had to sign off on the final selections. They might be able to have a little playtime with the Mistress. She had bowed out, the last time, but he'd like her to stay awhile, tonight.
They dressed quickly and headed up to his suite, to shower and get ready. She didn't have much to wear, since she had arrived, wearing just the little black lingerie, he'd specified, but she did have a coat. She was still staying in Raven's large house, but as soon as the Fair was over, he'd move her into his home. Their arrangement wasn't the typical one for lodge members, but it suited him, perfectly. He had no intention of waiting until the alter, to bed the beauty. He was no school boy! He would have her everyday, he possibly could.
They giggled, as they undressed each other. He had to remove the tail, that, still, was lodged inside her bottom. He cleaned it and hung it. They laughed and got into the shower, together. She pulled her hair up, not wanting to have to take the time, to do it again.
Stern used a fluffy bath ball and lemon zest bathgel to lather her body. She did the same for him. Then they slid their slippery arms and legs around each other, kissing under the hot, beating water. He turned her around, soaping her marked bottom. Her ass was still well oiled and stretched. He entered her gently, as she jutted her fanny out and planted her hands on the shower wall.
Erin felt the girth of him pushing in, and wiggled herself back against him, stopping when it hurt. She'd take a breath and start pushing again, until he was able to fit his large cock, up into her rectum. He pinched her nipples and stroked her lean body, sliding his hand in front of her pelvis, and grinding into her. He rubbed her special spot. It felt so good. Even as he slammed into her sore bottom, she wanted it. His strong arms, slid between her legs and lifted her, so he could better pump into her. Her pretty feet dangled, and she came, as he impaled her. He let her feet touch the floor, again. His sudsy hand slapped her wet cheek. It stung and burned, but she was oblivious. He slapped and pushed, slapped and pushed, driving her, again, to moan and keen.
Stern loved the feel of her, around him. Her muscles tightened and spasmed around him. He thought of her mouth sucking him, earlier. He pulled out, willing himself, to save it. He could spank her easier, now. He grabbed the bath brush, and planted several good, hard smacks on her wet bottom. They raised pretty red marks on her behind. They glistened, in the shower. He wasn't happy with a few, though. He gave her a dozen more, until he heard her sob.
Stern felt his heart quicken, and turned her around, to taste her tears. He sweetly kissed her, and rinsed all the soap away.
He wrapped her into a big fluffy towel. He dried and dressed, quickly, before returning to her.
Pampering her, he brushed her hair, and dressed her. He left the tail behind, knowing she was very sore now. When she was all done. He left her to freshen up, the little bit of make up she wore.
When he returned he held a box. He presented it to her. It held a black onyx teardrop below a diamond on a white gold chain and earrings. He hung the chain around her lovely throat. He whispered, "Your tears are jewels to me."
Her green eyes filled again, in joy. She knew he loved her and she adored him. She hugged him, as a few more tears slid down her pretty face.

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tooo muhc to drink tonight.. ill b sicktomorrow lol..

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So, as a man, when do you concede that you've already had your last blowjob?

Thirty minutes ago this was going to be a totally different blog, and then the inspiration hit. I'm not sure if this is a mid-life crisis piece, an angry pissed off guy piece, or a lonely guy piece (probably all three). It was on my mind and I just felt it should be written. Bear with me as I sort through my thoughts and randomly throw them out here. For the approximate two of you that actually read my blog, and leave comment, thank you in advance.

I was reading a novel recently where a female character makes comment (and smugly I might add) that the mating ritual leaves 80% of male participants in the category of mere spectators. Why am I in that 80%, and, how in the hell did I get there??? When I step out of the shower and catch a look at myself in the full length mirror, even my mouth drops open. I weigh exactly the same as I did the day I graduated high school. Sadly, the six pack abs are long gone but the rest is about the same. Men my age rarely have this body. I come by it honestly, I don't go to a gym.

I work for a living.

A few years back, my immediate supervisor remarked and then asked: "You look like you're in incredible shape, how do you do it?" What I wanted to say, but didn't: "Well first off, I don't sit at a desk all day watching other people work" (but that's another rant for another blog).

I was visiting Atlanta recently, for a wedding, and was lounging at the hotel pool. Incidentally, it is IMPOSSIBLE to drive in Atlanta (but that's another rant for another blog). I noticed that several of the groomsmen in the pool, decades younger than me, already had beer bellies and man tits. I don't. While chatting up one of their girlfriends, she remarked: "I don't know what it is that you do for a living but it sure keeps you in shape."

Thank you. Someone finally noticed. Too bad you're with Skippy over there (the one in the pool with a beer belly and man tits) and you're twenty years younger than me. I could have made you happy, for thirty or forty seconds anyway.

Now, above and beyond that, I am: intelligent, witty, well read, clean, hip (I listen to all the cool music), converse extremely well, dabble with creative writing and poetry. And, you can dress me up and take me to a nice restaurant. I know which fork to use. When you take me to your family reunion, your sister is going to pull you aside and ask: "Where in the world did you find him? I didn't think there were any like him left out there."

So, the nice physique should get me noticed and over the first hurdle and allow me access to the next stage where the woman will discover that I can keep up with her conversationally, and, I can make her laugh. But alas, I have discovered,




When did that happen?

Also, what I am, is short and broke. I've lived at the beach, in the mountains, and in the desert. I've owned houses in two out of the three. I've lived where most of you vacation. I'm now stuck in the cornfields of the Midwest (don't ever vacation here unless visiting a tractor museum is on your bucket list). I work a menial blue collar job. I used to be white collar and had money. Now I'm not and now I don't (I was never tall). I drive a pick up truck, wear a Carhartt jacket and work boots (I'm trying to pass myself off as one of the locals).

Surely women wouldn't hold that against me?

They can't be that superficial,

can they?

I can't lay claim to being a ladies man, but I have had way more experience than I am ever given credit for (pulling on collar here: "I tell ya' I don't get any respect"). I married young and divorced young. Later, I married late and divorced late. In between, I got laid. Why is that so hard for my guy friends to believe? I put the number somewhere north of 40. When telling "guy stories" I get incredulous looks from my friends (the ones with beer bellies and man tits) who have been with three women in their entire life - the one they knew in high school, the one they paid for, and the one they married. When I start telling my "guy stories" they act like I'm just making this crap up.

So, why am I now in the 80% of non-participants? When did I become invisible? What does it take for a woman to wake up and notice? And when, as a man, do you concede

that you have already had

your last blowjob?

p.s. Women... if you're happy with a soft, pasty white skinned flabby man that brags about his golf swing, more power to you. if you want a hard body on top of you, that's had some experience navigating the female body, that can discuss the last book he's read, and make you laugh...

then stop



(I sincerely apologize for being short and broke)

p.s.s. for those of you women who might say: "Well, if you weren't so conceited and arrogant, you might do better with women."

It ain't like that,

you're missing the obvious,

felt it was time to point it out to you.

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My session has been cancelled for next weekend! The switch I was meeting with caught a cold. He didn't want risk getting me sick, So my bottom and my hole are saved for week lol.

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We are off now, ready for a 4 hour journey towards London, but actually going to Hemel Hempstead. Storm Doris has returned so the weather is awful. Wind and rain.
But looking forward to our time together.

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I've been interested in trying figging. I couldn't afford ginger but I had hot sauce. I put a little on the end and inserted the toy. It burns but it also has me wet.

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Anyone in Oklahoma out there? I have yet to find anyone on here in my home state.

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Squat session coming to a close. Making that booty grow for the day I meet that awesome switch. I want them to have a big target for when I'm on the bottom :)

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