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I love spanking. I love everything about spanking. Spanking someone, someone spanking me. Spanking assignments, spanking myself. I love spanking!i

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After lecturing, punishing and pleasuring, Samantha, Mr. Stern drove her home. Not that anyone was there, but he dropped her off, up the block from her house, but it did beat the bus. She went into the dark house. She was hungry and opened the fridge - Slim pickings... An assortment of condiments, some coffee creamer, a half a head of wilted lettuce, a few stale bagels and the same take out box, that was there a week ago. There was a note from her Mom, saying she was working until 10pm and then, meeting her friends out.
Samantha couldn't get the conversation out of her head. She was legally obligated, to repay the tuition for the four semesters (she failed to maintain a B average) or become an unpaid intern.
How did she forget that?! Now, she finds out Mr. King was her sponsor. He was a huge man, built like a lumberjack. He was a serious sort of man. Janie had told her about a few of her punishments. She was, really, a little scared of what he might have in store for her. Mr. Stern had told her he'd been in touch. She checked her phone.
Oh my God!! He was taking her to the King estate next Sunday. What could she say to him?! She's better think of something! Maybe she could blame her home life. What home life?? Exactly! She felt a little better. People usually felt sorry for her. She was good at playing the victim. It was all bull, of course, she did what she wanted and she wouldn't have done any better, if her Mother was home. She passed, didn't she?! Why did they even care how she did? Janie was so trained, just like a puppy! She'd never lie, not to her precious Daddy! Samantha was an expert at tweaking the truth. She would charm Mr. King. It would be alright, she thought. Anyways, Mr. Stern had punished her enough for all of it. She'd tell Mr. King that, if she had to!!
Feeling better, she decided to go out.
She had shoplifted the stockings and garters, last week, without a hitch. She wanted a new outfit to wear on her visit to Mr. King. She'd get something sexy, short and low cut. He would love her!! She changed into baggy jeans and a big sweatshirt. She took her mother's coat. She could hide clothes under the sweatshirt and jeans. The big pockets of the coat were perfect for makeup and jewelry. She had a little money, she could buy something small, to throw the sales people off & still have money for a snack.... Thanks to her stipend, she thought, laughing! Maybe Mr. King would pay her, for interning. She wouldn't mind playing with him. She had a good body and she was pretty enough. Yes, everything would work out, she thought with a smile. She found a little money on her Mom's dresser and tucked it in her purse. Leave it and lose it!! Her Mother never called her out, on it. She didn't want to fight and Samantha would never admit to it.

Samantha went into a very nice boutique. They had private dressing rooms and usually only one girl working, at night. She found a great black skirt and midriff top. She had a stack of clothes on her arm, she added them, but left the hangers buried in the rack. That's how you get caught she thought. They found empty hangers in the dressing room. She was sly.
She waited until the girl was helping a customer and then went into the dressing room. She tried on the black skirt. It was perfect! Shortish and pleated, it resembled her uniform, only hotter. The top was a loose knit that you could see through. She had a pretty black bra to wear under it. It showed her belly button piercing. It scooped low. It looked like it laced up, with a satin ribbon, but it was just decorative. It looked like lingerie, almost. She was happy to find just the right look. Mr. King's eyes would pop when he got a load of her! She wasn't a girl anymore. She was a woman. I bet he knew how to make a woman come, she thought. His white was away. If he slept with her, she could threaten to tell his wife. She had no intention of working for free. If he was nice to her, though, she might stick around.
Maybe he'd take it in business trips... Ask over the world! She'd take his arm. She imagined how jealous her friends would be. She'd have to keep it from Janie of course. This would all work out. She aired her Mr. Stern but she had to fix this problem with Mr. King. Now, HE had real money!!
She left the dressing area, her jeans and sweatshirt, covering up the black outfit. She handed the other clothes to the girl. "No, nothing was right for my interview, she told her."
She picked up a cheap pair of earrings on a clearance rack and placed them in the counter. As the girl turned, she grabbed a very pretty ring, from a display on the counter and dropped it into her pocket. She paid for the earrings and left. She was looking up the street for someplace to eat. A hand grabbed her shoulder and another her arm. "Store security, you'll have to cut with me until an officer arrives."
"No, no, no, let go of me!" This wasn't happening. How could they know... The ring!!! It was an impulsive thing taking it in plain sight.
"What do you mean? Oh my gosh, the ring!! I forgot I tried it on. She pushed it in her finger in her pocket. Here, take it or I'll pay for it", hoping she had enough!
"I'm sorry Miss, I've already made the call. You can explain to them. He led her through the store to the back."
"I'm a minor, you know. I'll say you grabbed me." He pointed to the cameras. Everything was being recorded. She wasn't a minor anymore, but it was with a try. What was she going to do? Her Mother had no money. She barely made the bills.

It was nearly midnight. Stern finished another evaluation. He was calling it a night. The phone rang. "What, the devil?"
He looked at the caller ID. "Samantha? How dare she!" He answered and heard a hysterical Samantha crying, she'd been arrested for stealing from La Femme Boutique. She wanted him to help. She was being arraigned in the morning. Would he come out get her a lawyer?
He told her he'd do what he could.

She had a lawyer alright... Mr. King. Oh her have to notify him. Ironically, he was part owner of that boutique, or rather it was one of his wife's old projects. He was still an owner though someone else ran it. Stern sent a carefully worded text message to David King, explaining the circumstances of Samantha's arrest. He didn't dare call him at midnight. He could call him if he was still up.

David was working late. He made a meeting in town. He'd be leaving the Lakehouse, early to head home. Janie would remain. He was quite sure he'd left her with a sore enough bottom to keep her out of trouble at least for a few days. He'd raised a few blisters, with that whipping and he didn't regret it.
He tucked her in, with some cool cream, and observed her bottom. He'd given her a good tann IMG. Her fanny and legs were thoroughly punished. He'd been too soft on her, in the past. He wasn't playing, anymore. If he had to, he'd whip her ass, every time, he came to the Lakehouse. He'd have Evan whip her, while he was gone. She wasn't going to behave that way, under his roof, by God If she wanted him to send her to college, she'd straighten up or she'd be at home, another year. There was a big trust fund set up, but it wasn't hers, until he said it was hers. It was revocable...his to give and his to take away. She wouldn't be foolish enough to walk away from it and he wasn't going to give her a cent, until she did what he wanted.
He heard the message come in. Who was texting so late? He read the message, and he was furious. Now she was robbing him?
He texted back." Leave her in jail. I'm coming to town in the morning. I can drop the charge and get her out. I'll call the judge in the morning, but they'll hold her, until I sign for her. Call her mother and tell her she gotten herself into some trouble, or leave a message. She won't be home for a few days. I'm taking her to the estate. I can't believe this little ungrateful snipe. It's high time, I put the fear of God into her. "

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I hate young don't know what the fuck they are doing or talking about DD. Ok now I have taken a deep breath... Now let's move on. Ty wow. Not trying to disrespect the good younger DD in any way...

Clare Fonda Pass
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for the record.. Poppy n I r no longer an item.......yeah I know... up n down ... its not my place to say why but its not because things weren't good tween us...but I will say its a personal matter on his end...he had told me he had ( but I guess hadn't yet) deleted his profile here......this information wont effect anyone here but I just wanted to let yas know...

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My new cage has arrived today. Box looks very big, hope its something we can pack away and hide without notice.
Wonder what the dogs will think when im stuck inside a cage and theyre sat out looking in. Lol.
I hope master was joking bout drinking and eating outta a bowl tho.

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Implement forged in Hell
Bringing fire to my ass
Though hubby wields
The Red Leather Paddle
The Devil's Hand
Return to Hell

Spanked to tears
Again and again
My greatest sin

Both get his belt
Disrespect...always gets
The Red Leather Paddle

Disrespect...hubby hates the most
Disrespect...the Devil's Hand loves
Disrespect...so hard to fight
Sitting...What's that?
I already forgot!

I tried to hide it
Hubby said get the cable
I quickly found it
Cursing the Devil
He who made it...
Cursing myself
Since I destroyed...
The wooden paddle...
Which hurt much less!

As long as hubby spanks
Using The Red Leather Paddle
Forged in the fires below
The flames will rise
My skin will glow...
Burning up...
Hot to the touch

Running and hiding
Screaming and crying
The Devil's Hand
Will always find me!

[I will insert a picture of that horribly painful red paddle eventually...]

Clare Fonda Pass
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Ok maybe a little why u may ask. Hmmmm. Well one cause I can and because it gets Me attention... Most of the time. I have been this way for year's. No braty I doesn't mean disrespectful it's just Being a brat. Big difference. Rolling eyes, arms. Crossed, stomp foot type of stuff. I guess u can say it's mostly a in fun. Unless I am mad or pissed off..ya then my mouth may take over.... Witch is. Not my fault... Honest.....

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(this contains spoilers)

50 Shades of Grey was a huge box-office hit but we don’t have to allow its sequel, “50 Shades Darker” to be profitable. Mostly panned by critics, I was not expecting much when I sat down in the theatre to watch “Grey.” I had not read the books but had heard they were poorly written to the tune of a literary soap opera. I will say the acting was better than I had expected. However, the writing was much, much worse than my worst fears.

Let’s cut to the chase here- I know you’re wondering. Yes, I am a kinky person. I’ve been “out” for a while. Like gay people, I encourage all kinky people to “come out” so eventually the public stigma of being kinky is lessened. And this is why I feel compelled to rebut the insulting stereotypes in this movie. If 50 Shades of Grey was a movie about race, it would be Birth of a Nation. If it was about gender, it would be Goldfinger. It was clearly written by an author who is not kinky and knows next to nothing about real-life kinky people, and it stars an actor who looks down upon the whole lifestyle (Jamie Donan said he had to take a shower after filming some of the scenes because he felt dirty).

Unfortunately the whole 50 Shades franchise perpetuates the following offensive stereotypes and essentially amounts to a celebration of conversion therapy for kinky people.

BULLSHIT STEREOTYPE: Kinkiness is caused by Child Abuse

50 Shades’ main protagonist Christian Grey, discusses his childhood by telling his desired submissive love interest, Anastasia Steele, that his mother was a prostitute and he suffered serious physical abuse at the hands of her pimp prior to the age of 4, when he was rescued by his adopted parents. Grey later reveals that he had a relationship with a friend of his mother’s when he was 14, which is otherwise known as statutory rape. Clearly, these are intended to be “reason” for Grey’s sexual proclivities. People used to think (some still do) that child abuse is what causes homosexuality. Like homosexuality, kinkiness is an orientation. It’s just what some people like, and its not caused by childhood trauma.

BULLSHIT STEREOTYPE: Kinky people can’t have real relationships

Grey in getting to know Steele, says that he doesn’t date, isn’t a “chocolates and flowers” type of guy, and won’t even allow Steele to sleep in his bed. At her insistence, he modifies some of this over time, but the message is clear- he is kinky and as such, he can’t open his heart to any woman. Skipping ahead to the end of the book trilogy, the series concludes with Grey and Steele falling in love and raising a family, but only after Grey abandones kink and discovers his love of vanilla sex. This is bullshit and tells audiences that kinkiness is a disorder that can be cured by conversion therapy. In fact, studies show that kinky people are actually more mentally healthy than “vanilla” people. Any implication to the contrary is misinformed, prejudicial, and deeply insulting, and the fact that it portrays kink as something to be cured would be considered rightfully unacceptable in media if it were for gay people. We cannot tolerate this.

BULLSHIT STEREOTYPE: Kink is the only domain of wealthy, isolated eccentrics

Another thing that bothered me about 50 Shades is that Grey is the only kinky person portrayed on screen. He is an eccentric billionaire who has few friends, but oodles of money to spend on an elaborate “red room,” his decked-out sexual torture chamber. The mere possibility that there might be normal everyday people who are into kink is ignored, as is the possibility that he could even be a part of a community, or that he at least could go online (www.fetlife.com) to meet someone who shares his tastes. According to 50 Shades, that is an impossibility, as kinksters only exist in the form of Christian Grey, and they are so rare that grey is forced to hit on a journalist who interviews him in order to find one. However, a recent study found that 65% of women and 53% of men living in Quebec wanted to be sexually dominated and 47% of women and 60% of men wanted to dominate sexually.


So while 50 Shades has brought kinkiness into the mainstream conversation, and some people hate it for the wrong reasons, it is unfortunate that this movie will serve as so many people’s first exposure to kink. Misinformation and damaging stereotypes will be the lasting legacy of this movie. With the recent legal and cultural successes of the gay rights movement, kinkiness remains one of the few sexual orientations that is still acceptable to denigrate and lampoon in popular culture. Sadly, 50 Shades is responsible for more of the same in that regard, and everybody in this community should refuse to give this movie their money. It’s time to take a stand.

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Spank me make sure the tension fo away make me beg for more make raise my ass up as my face is down in pillow. Make me scream make me want more beg plead make me thank you make me be good. Teach me a lesson. Yes please!!!!!! Paddle my ass make it red. Leave welts Leave bruises please I beg u.... Help me release all the. Stuff that's bad in my heart and soul...... Please I beg u.... !!!! That's what every submissive...says. To the DD in the world.....!!!!! Kneels. Looking down. Arms behind back... Please Sir punish me...

Clare Fonda Pass
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Hello friends!

My latest spanking romance is available starting today through Blushing Books. I hope you give it a look!

Featuring M/F erotic and disciplinary spanking romance, it's called Gabby's Secret:


Also check out last month's release, Lucky In Love:


Thanks for checking them out!

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All new hand tawsing video has been uploaded..

Pupil received 24 strokes of Lochgelly Tawse...
12 for giving school and bad name...

Another 12 for stealing !!

Enjoy !!

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Clare Fonda Pass
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You know your husband has worked your body over well when you are physically and mentally exhausted the next day. Although last night was an amazing experience I am worried that if I don't find some motivation soon to get off my butt and get things done that I will find myself in a very sorry position this evening. I would hate to ruin last nights experience with today's misdemeanors. Suggestions?

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Yes it sounds like coffee with a side of cocain. The truth is I've been struggling with the fact that I have had an addiction that I have lost control of. Many spankos know how difficult it is to hear someone mention something in the vanilla community that triggers their spanko traps and it's hard to regain focus on the task at hand. I feel like my identity has been defined by my obsession, rather then my passion being a part of my personality. I had no where else to turn to so I reach out to others who may have had this happen.

My name is John many of you have come to know my videos by another name over the years I've been a part of this site for what seems like 10 years or better. I posted my first video here, I met my first real girlfriend here, and found my career all from this site. Marcus you've been an awesome help over the years man. Thank you.

On to my question I am at a crossroads. I can not eat,work, drive or even sleep without thinking about it in some forms or another. I spend upwards of 8 hours a day just between Tumblr, here, and a few other well known sharing sites searching for videos, pictures, stories anything to feed my fixation about domestic discipline. It started as just a thing with me and my girlfriend at the time Jamie. We thought it would be fun to upload a video and see what others though. Well along came life. Since that first video 10 years ago my life has exploded with passion, desire, ambition, and drive. But only about spanking related anything. With Aspergers, I have become hyperfocused with it. I've even pushed very dear friends out of my life who were diehard spankos you know the kind. To me it did not feel like enough apart from working for a spanking video production company, dating a well known spanking model, as well as a tending events focused on the subject matter I had to have more. It became so noticed to Sarah that she felt I was starting to loose what defined me as a disciplinarian, and brought about this slow change. It eventually got bad enough it came between us and thus the first of many amazing relationships reduced to ruins by my obsession. I even tried to cut it out of my life shut down my old account, fetlife even closed my clip store for a while and stopped going to events. I met my wife on a vanilla dating site of all places. Missy which needs no introduction here. She was only a shy vanilla girl a year ago with jo idea of this world. I have a happy life, an amazing career, and the best wife a man could ask for. Yet I've never been so terrified in my life. I love being a spanko yet I am also addicted and myself family and friends have all noticed it become a problem. It sounds like basic 12 step logic but I am alone not being able to control my infatuation due to this syndrome kicking it into overdrive. I do not want to stop being a spanko ever, but I could use advice from others who have been fighting with this level of addiction or even others like me if they exist. Before history repeats itself.

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#RiseAndShine Placing blame is lame; instead become able by being accountable. #StrictMotivation

Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com

Clare Fonda Pass
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#go2bed, please, dont brat, dont tease, a good night’s sleep, hear My word: contrary to paddles doesnt hurt #StrictMotivation

Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c) StrictMotivation@yahoo.com

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Due to file size...chapter has to be split.
The first half has been posted. #1- ch38, which should be read before this.

Dinner was a bit awkward, with Evan joining them. James and Sandra were wonderful hosts, and the food was great. Evan was bright and engaging. Janie was very quiet. She was fidgeting on her seat, no doubt a result of her earlier encounter with Evan and the cane. She had greeted her Father with a kiss, but had avoided eye contact. She would be wondering, if he was aware of what has transpired. The cameras in the guesthouse were well hidden. He and his brother, James could access them, from anywhere in the world. He would always be aware of what went on there. He trusted Evan, but he was a man that liked certainty. If there was any funny business, he'd know about it. Evan had better not cross him or he would, most certainly, regret it.
Dinner ended and James invited Evan to join him, for a look around the property. There was a boat and jet skis to use. He wanted to show him the boathouse and also to give David some privacy with Janie. Sandra excused herself, to clear the table, as the housekeeper came to help. Dylan and his siblings were excused. There was only Janie and her Father, left at the table. Sandra closed the door leading to the pantry and kitchen. James closed the double door to the family room, as he and Ethan departed.
Janie hung her head. He knew. She was ashamed of herself. She knew she'd embarrassed her Daddy. He was waiting to hear what she had to say for herself.
She lifted her head, and faced him. "I'm very sorry about today. I was so excited. I thought we were making plans, together. Evan is so young, it didn't feel like he was in charge....I just got carried away. I realize, I misjudged. I was rude. I apologized and took the caning. I'm sorry, Daddy, it won't happen again."
"Won't it, Janie? Really? I have no faith in your ability to behave yourself, because you are in trouble, every time I turn around. If you want to go to college, this Fall, you had better straighten up. I have no confidence that you would start out of trouble, unsupervised right now. Do you think I'll pay for school, when you are clearly so unfocussed?"
"Oh, Daddy. I promise I'll be good. I won't get into any more trouble."
"Get up, Janie. I'm not only punishing you for today's behavior, but for this outrageous pattern of behavior, you've developed of late. I am fed up. You will feel my level of dissatisfaction, directly on your bare bottom."
Janie got up. Her Father stood, unbuckled his belt and pulled it loose, from its loops. He pulled out a chair and sat down. He folded the belt in half and wrapped it around his fist. Janie lifted her skirt and tucked it into the waist. She pulled her pink panties down to her knees and bent across his lap. She did this without another word, from her Father. She knew what he expected and knew this would be no ordinary spanking.
David could see the evidence of the earlier caning. There were ten welted stripes across her bottom and upper thighs. He made sure there was no broken skin. He held her firmly with his left arm. He adjusted her on his lap. He wanted to be able to get access to her entire bottom, including the tender area below her cheeks. Her frame was small, for eighteen. He wished she was more mature. He knew, he was partly to blame, for that. He had sheltered her too much. Though academically advanced, she was naive and girlish in many ways.
He gripped the belt and let in fly, leather whipping through the air in a blur. He put his arm into it. The belt bit in hard and drew a road across her fanny. He left the length, long enough to curl, cruelly around her hip. He whipped her ass cheeks forcefully.
Janie was already so sore from the caning, she couldn't lay still. The belt crossed the welts and she couldn't help, but jump. It hurt so badly! Her arms were planted on the floor. Her Daddy had her far over his lap, so her upper thighs and lower fanny were directly in the line of fire. The belt snapped into her, hot and furious!! She cried out, at each slap. Her Father held her firmly, but she thrashed against him. Her legs flailed, but she could not escape the flurry of licks. Her right cheek was getting the worst of it. The belt loop was especially damaging, as it grabbed into her hip. She tried to slide that side away from him. He stood her up. He bent her right over the table. And drew the belt in front of him. It cracked into her other hip, digging in. He never stopped. She howled, as he strapped her behind. She let out a high pitch screech, as he walloped her legs, half way to her knees. There was no part of her bottom, that wasn't touched by his belt. He was a master at controlling each strike. He started low and pulled the belt up, the leather grabbing the skin of the under globes of her buttocks. That REALLY HURT!! The belt jept whacking, snapping, biting, and ripping into her tender rear.
Finally, the fight went out of her and she sobbed, but submitted to her Daddy's will. He always knew. He could feel the resistance leave her body. His job was done. He finished the round of strokes and examined the damage. Her bottom and legs were nearly purple, but there was no broken skin.
He sat down, with a tired sigh. "Why do you do it, Janie? Defy me... You know I won't tolerate it. I gave Evan my authority. Disrespecting him, is like disrespecting me. Will I have to strap you daily to stop this behavioral problem? I will, Janie. I have given you everything. You are on the brink, of beginning a wonderful time of your life, will you self destruct? I don't know. I can't send you off to college, while you are acting this way. Will the police be calling me? You show such poor judgement!.... Oh, stand up, look at me."
Janie knew she had really disappointed him. She saw it in her Daddy's eyes. She knew he loved her. She had to change. She didn't want to hurt him. She wanted to make him proud. She opened her arms. He opened his. She cried into his shoulder.
"I'm sorry, Daddy, I'm so sorry."
"I know, Honey. Daddy knows." He hugged her tight. He pulled up her panties and straightened her skirt. He gave her his hankie to wipe her face.
"Go up to your room, and get into your pajamas. I'll bring some cream up and say goodnight. You are going to be sleeping on your tummy for a few days. I'll tell Evan, you might need to stand for your lesson tomorrow. I'll tell him to make it a short day. "
He stood, pushed in the chair and opened the double doors. Janie walked in front of him, into the family room. Everyone was there. They all turned. Her face grew red. Evan!! He heard it all! She was mortified!! Oh, my gosh. She hurried up the stairs and shut her bedroom door.
She pulled off her clothes, and looked at her bottom. It was nearly purple. It was on fire. She ran her hands lightly over it. She could feel the throbbing, the blood pounding and her heart was racing still. She could see the wide red paths of the belt. She could see the "C" shaped digs in her hips where the belt connected, and dug in. The straight thin welts of the cane, were raised now. Her thighs were covered with welts. The worst part was up under her bottom. She has to bend over to see. She didn't know, if she could even wear her panties.
She cried, not just because of the pain, but because her Daddy was disappointed in her.... And Evan, ugh! He'd heard everything. He'd helped to mark her bottom earlier, so he'd have no problem, imaging what her bottom looked like now. She was so embarrassed, but still, somewhere inside she felt that pulling...a longing. She laid down on her tummy. She couldn't think about it now. Daddy would be up soon.

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Poppy n I have been talkin .. that is after all the name callin n cussin n mud slingin.... we r once again ON n givin it ANOTHER try ( LMAO if I we don't kill each other first)...*whispers* he cant resist me.. hehehe

Clare Fonda Pass
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The secretary had called, to tell him that Mr. Stern had to speak with him, in regard to Samantha. Mr. King, wasn't at all surprised. He'd watched her grades slipping semester, after semester. He'd seen her go from the honor roll to below average, certainly below her ability. He'd almost pulled her scholarship, last term, but decided he'd let her finish school. She would then, be under contract to him, to intern or repay tuition for poor performance. He knew that was out of the question. The young lady came from a family of little means. Her Mother worked very hard. Her Father, seemed uninvolved. She'd been running the streets, when he had sponsored her way through the academy. She was bright and had potential, but little motivation and no self discipline. She and Janie were friends, but had gotten into trouble together. Janie had kept her name out of it, but he had his own sources of information. He knew all about her.
Gregory Stern had tried to reign her in. He'd punished her, in the office, following the smoking incident. The little imp had responded by breaking into his house. He laughed, thinking what a surprise she'd found there. She'd gotten more than she bargained for. The gentlemen of the community had a little club, where they entertained themselves. Greg had told him the whole story. He didn't necessarily agree with his methods, but men differed in their taste. She obviously enjoyed it, she wanted more. Still, her untapped potential, rubbed him the wrong way. Stern would certainly discipline her, but David felt, he was a bit soft on her. This was a crossroad of her future. After investing in her education, he'd like to see her flourish, finding a good husband, or continuing her education. Had she done well in school, he'd have sent her to college, but that was not the case.
He was very busy just now. He'd let Greg keep her occupied for a bit, but he'd meet with her, and give her a good firm spanking, for wasting his gift. He'd meet with her regularly, throughout the summer. He'd have to fit it in, while he was in town, to be sure there would be no future problems with her.
He'd call Greg and tell him, and arrange for him to bring her up to the house. He was sure Janie had confided about being punished, but his daughter was special. Samantha could not expect the same sympathetic treatment. He could be very strict & severe. She would find that to be true. He planned to give her a big wake up call. Stern could observe... Maybe he could model his lessons after his, while he was gone.
He supposed he could take her up to the Lake, but he was cautious of the impact she might have on Dylan and Janie. Dylan was ripe for a sexual encounter & Janie had been in too much trouble, as it was. Maybe, he would bring her for a weekend, in the country, if she behaved, but only if he was there. He wasn't cruel, but he wanted to foster a plan to bring about the desired, end result. If she did well, she might get to go college, afterall. She'd have to have private lessons with Evan, as her marks were dismal. She'd be a distraction, were she to be in class with Dylan and Janie. They'd both earned alot of college credit. She wasn't in the same place, academically, as them. Evan would enjoy it, no doubt. She was a pretty girl. He'd give it some thought.
For now, Stern could have his fun. He'd meet with her and make his disapproval known and his expectations clear. He would not sponsor another student, anonymously. It was clear to him now, they required a firm hand, in tandem with the opportunity, to reach their potential. He should have been spanking her, right along. He'd make up for lost time, to some extent. He wanted her behind healed & tender for her visit, so Stern would have to curtail his activities. He planned to blister her bottom properly. He would make sure she didn't sit down for at least a week, without a sharp reminder that her life, for the time being, belonged to the Dragon King.
He sat back in his chair, now what would he do about Janie? He was appalled by her behavior in class. The very first day with Evan and she'd already gotten in trouble. Class had barely begun, and she needed caning. He had not planned to be involved in the punishment of the class, while she was being tutored, but he was very unhappy. She was so rude and disrespectful and THAT would not fly with him. She'd require his attention before bedtime.
He'd get a look at Evan's handiwork and add some of his own. She would know, when he was done, that Evan had his authority, while he was away.

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