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So I have been thinking that I really need a real spanking ,I am not talking about self spanking ,I want someone who lives in my area where I can get to know them and they can be like a mentor and help keep me in line because it's something I really need ,not to play around but serious discipline !

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Kann einfach nicht pennen...

Wieso muss man immer nachts über die scheiße des Tages nach denken ???
Geht das nicht wenn man wach ist :-(

Naja, egal.... ich versuche nochmal zu pennen ....

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I have recording a LOT of MP3's centering around, of course, SPANKING!
These are wonderful to do as I can let my imagination run wild!

I am enjoying doing the School Spanking Series and the first one is called:
Sent to the Principals Office
You have been misbehaving and I call you up in the front of the class. I am annoyed with your disruptive behavior and tell you to stand in the corner. I dismiss everyone but you and inform you that you will be going to the principal’s office.You have never been there but oh yes; you have heard the rumors about what happens! You did see the tears on Jenny’s face when she came back to class didn’t you? I have written a note to, Miss Fenely, (the principal) and you will be paying her a visit!

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Since tomorrow is often a travel day, let's start early.

American is a young country relatively speaking so while we can't go too far back in history, we do have Thanksgiving, a celebration uniquely ours. The story simply told is that on the first Thanksgiving some of the country's earliest colonists celebrated the survival of that beginning settlement with a harvest feast. They invited the local Indians who taught them much and helped them get a foothold. Every year since, we've been getting together with family and friends to express our gratitude for what we have, be it a lot or a little. Macy's has a parade and Santa Claus officially comes to town. The women cook and exchange recipes. The men watch football. The children sit at a table all their own, "the kid's table" most of remember from days of old along with those finger tracing turkeys we made in school.

Just for fun and to get in the spirit of things let's celebrate with songs that say thanks. Here are two from me, the first with a bit of international flavor and the second very much American:

!. "Danka Shoen" - Dame Shirley Bassey

(Dame Shirley who was born in Cardiff, Wales is probably most noted for her famous rendition of "Goldfinger." Here it is from her 1974 appearance in London's Robert Albert Hall,

2. "Thanks for the Memory" - Bob Hope and Shirley Ross
You don't get much more American than this,

If you can't think of a song, just adapt one for today. Twist the title a bit like, "I Just Called to Say I Thank You." *groan* Actually, you can give any number of examples of giving thanks in popular culture such as Scarlett O'Hara on her knees at Tara, "I'll never be hungry again." Okay, that one's a stretch but this is supposed to be fun and that's the whole point.

If you still can't think of one, that's okay, too. Enjoy the selections of others and leave a memory of your own like the year Aunt Millie dropped the turkey and the dog got it. At this point, Uncle Hank grabbed the dog and said, "Just wash it off!" But that's a whole other story...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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My parents always had the best advice. So when they spoke to me, I always had an open ear. I remember one thing in particular my mother told me growing up. She said to me, "Son, no matter what you do in life, strive to be the best at it. Even if you are going to be a garbage man, be the best garbage man the city has to offer". Being at a young age, I thought the idea of becoming a city garbage man was funny as hell. I was not seeing the bigger picture she was trying to paint for me. As I got older in age, I began to realize what she was trying to tell me.

When I started on the journey into the world of alternate lifestyles, I had not one clue of what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. All I knew is that I had a thing for spanking and that was about the extent of things. My knowledge of spanking was purely discipline style. You know, that old school "Imma take my belt off and wear your ass out" style. I had no clue there was anything else to all of this. In the beginning, I did nothing but discipline sessions as this was all I knew.

For those of you that don't know, I have had previous pages before this one. With those pages were different videos that you do not see today. Not because I am ashamed of them. But, simply because I feel that I have evolved greatly since those earlier days. I remember exactly when my evoltuion started. I woke up one morning to an inbox from someone here on ST I never thought I would talk to. He complimented my videos and told me to start watermarking them. I asked why and he told me people used to steal his videos all the time and place them on other sites. Not knowing how to watermark a video, we began contact by phone. To be honest, this man was somewhat of a celebrity to me. I had watched damn near his whole catalog of videos and was always on the lookout for the next one. I didn't just watch his videos, I STUDIED them. Not because I wanted to be like him but, because I considered him the best at what he does and wanted to learn. Everytime on the phone with him was a learning experience. He would answer every question I had and with great detail to make sure I understood what he was teaching me. I quickly began to see this man as my mentor and teacher. He pretty much took me under his wing as a student and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, as a friend. Each time we hang out, he never misses an opportunity to teach me something new. In the video shoot we did together with Meela, he says "anymore questions?" at the end of a single tail whipping. That is because it was a demonstration to teach me.

The person I am referring to is Niko. I have learned in life, if you want to be the best, surround yourself with the best. I have also learned, when someone takes the time out of their day to teach you something, LISTEN. Over the past few years Niko has shown me the world of spanking that I never knew and I greatly appreciate him for that. The times that he answers a question and gives me understanding when he really doesn't have the time to. The time he takes to teach me the techniques and skills I need to be better at what I do. And even the criticsm he gives me when I need to do something better. He has helped me to take my own style and make it better.

In summary, I want to take the time to thank Niko for helping me to evolve into the person/spanker that I am today. Definitely a LARGE amount of credit goes to him. And it is because of him that I am very versatile in my styles and can administer the spankings that I do today. Big props to you bro. Thanks for all the advice and teachings you have given and continue to give. And last but DEFINITELY not least, thanks for the friendship!!!!

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Views: 151 · Added: 1 days ago

I got a comment once from a viewer critic who said my videos cost too much and that he never pays for videos anyway. First, I don't accept criticism from someone about my videos, good or bad, if they haven't laid down money for the video anyway. That's how it's always been. When you see a critic review a film they didn't get in free, they paid like everyone else. That's what makes their view important or honest, because they paid like everyone else did.I've gotten tired of cheap shot comments on here from rude people who are getting something for free but feel the need to be rude anyway. It's like my mother used to say, "If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all."At first it was fun sharing video shorts on here from my videos, over 100 now, but I started taking them down when I realized it wasn't worth the trouble. I've put the remainder on private status and will remove all of them except one so I can keep my name here. I know that if I deleted my account some jerk out there would start an account with it.

One last thing. I'm also tired of the stupid pop ups on this site and that in the almost 4 years I've been on this site showing my video clips, Spank Her 4 Real Videos is still not listed on the home page of this site along with all the other spanking video companies, amateur, professional or otherwise. So that gets me to thinking has a special relationship with other companies or they are just simply ignoring my requests to be on the list. Anyway, I'm pretty much done here. If you want to see my videos they're available, but nothings free anymore.

The hell with it. I'm taking them all off now.

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What a difference a day makes. Confessed the error of my ways yesterday after a little lie. Now in big trouble on Friday night. Going to receive a hard and long spanking. No mercy. Do the crime do the time. I know it wont be easy as I got a similar trashing eighteen months ago for a similar offence. Do i deserve it? I reluctantly would have to say I do. That doesn't mean It won't hurt like hell. The anxiety is building. What will I be like by Friday? I won't sit comfortably for probably a week after. I hope I learn my lesson this time.

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so jetzt werde ich mich erstmal wie ein Engel benehmen damit meine blauen Flecke mal wieder weg gehen können :P

Seit ihr auch alle schon so in Weihnachtsstimmung wie ich ???

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Sue administered a superbly applied 30 swat blistering with the Poplar Blister Paddle....but due to my lack of attention to detail, did not turn camera on to record. I am well blistered, after pic in my photos. As soon as my butt is ready, Sue will re-do it, plus an extra 6 with the Board. I can assure you, I will make sure camera on this time! Peace, Tony

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I have just been informed by my disciplinarian that I will be receiving two spankings in one day. I have been doing sessios with him because I want to lose some weight. He has been helping me with my goals. I not only lost weight this week, but gained 3 pounds! :( He was so pissed that he told me that I would be receiving TWO punishment spankings in one day. I really must have messed up!!!
And to make matters worst, he bought some new implements that he's itching to try so consider my ass toast!!

I hate disappointing myself and my disciplinarian. He will really beat my ass this time. Wish me luck!

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Goodmoaning Spankos! just poppin in real quick to say hello when I really need to be working on this paper thats due today! havent had much maintenance lately so i guess that contributes to my procrastination, that and thoughts of what i am going to do for the holidays. I was supposed to go to illinois to see my sons but idk if im still going because of obligations and if i do go i will have to get a loan to go ugh!!! anyway i should have been started on this paper, but I'm pretty pissed off and I guess I'm in FUKIT mode right now! hope everyone has a better day than me because i have to get started on this paper and turn it in before midnight. Just seems like everybody wants me to do what they want and screw what I want but whatever fukit! have a nice day everyone xoxoxo TyGrr

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Well looks like most people on here are into making friends and contact and of course exchange thoughts on this kink.

When it comes to ME, some people think I'm here for

- fulfilling their needs by providing a free service of cyber spanking
- spending my time writing messages back and forth with no other
purpose but to make them cum
- being there WHENEVER they need to jerk off and ask me for "help" to
get there
- serving like a prostitute but without the pay

"I need a spanking... how would you spank me... please I need to go over your lap..."

You know how lame that is?! Especially when you get like 20 messages of this kind a day?

You want that kind of stuff? Go to

But hold on, you won't cause they make you PAY for that crap!

Seriously, I've had it with that needy bullshit!

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I should be writing part IV of my fantasy but I am too darned in need of a spanking! I DON'T WANNA WRITE IT, I WANNA ACT IT OUT!!!

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I much prefer to receive paddlings nude. Not embarassed, humiliated, or feel more vulnerable when I'm naked for paddling. I am comfortable in my own skin, and it just seems right that I present, not just my bare butt, but myself as I am. Explained this to Sue...and from now on, all the paddling posted here will be done with me naked...YAY! Hope y'all enjoy that..he-he-he...I know you will! Peace, Tony

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I went to the barber one day one day,
I went to the barber one day.
He really got angry, hooray hooray,
He really got angry, hooray.

I told him to skip the shampoo shampoo,
I told him to skip the shampoo.
He spanked me so hard that I cried, boo hoo.
He spanked me so hard, boo hoo hoo.

I waited a week to go back go back,
I waited a week to go back.
I asked him to marry me, whack whack whack.
I asked him to marry me, whack.

Do you take this spanko? I do I do.
Do you take this spanko? I do.
And never again was I blue blue blue,
And never again was I blue.

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After finishing the punishment with the "Board", today, realized she had not used the "Poplar Blister Paddle" for the 6 penalty swats. "May I have a dozen swats with it later?" Sue said,"Make it 20!" Before I realized this was not the best idea, "Twenty? Why not make it thirty?" She said that would be fun for her, she almost felt sorry for me. It will be posted here, in a close up view, if I get it right, my butt will about fill the frame, should give a close up of what is happening to my butt. A 30 swat blistering, FAR worse than 20 swats, seems to go on forever, and she is gonna be laying it on to the best of her ability. Hope y'all enjoy the vid!

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Sue administered this one for uploading videos without permission, was pissed about the one with her in panties. She really laid the "Board" on me too. All I could handle, and then some, each swat. Due to misunderstanding, the 6 extra swats given with the "Board" also. Hope you enjoy. She feels I should not be nude for uploaded vids, so was wearing thong.

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Have you been in a relationship before with domestic discipline? I was asked this question by a friend of mine on this site. It was such a good question that I asked if I could use it as a topic for one of my blog posts. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

But before I ask for your input I figured I would share my experiences in this area.

I have been in a relationship where some spanking was part of the relationship. It was mostly in the bedroom and not really to the level or intensity that I do with others. It might be because of the familiar nature of the person and it being a relationship that causes the discipline sessions to be different for me. I am sure it is different for others since there are many types of relationships.

For me I do have someone I play with on a regular basis and we are kinda friends outside the discipline aspect of our playing. But it is not the same as a relationship, we are both not looking to hook up with each other. However the discipline sessions can be quite intimate and we do care for each other. Myself - I like to separate the relationship from the bedroom / game playing so I too look for an equal on certain levels and a “bottom”/”submissive” in the bedroom with intimacy.

I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on the topic.

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As some of you may know, I'm very fond of poetry - so this is one I really like. Even though it's off-topic, I hope you enjoy it (I don't post poems very often)!!

The author is Rainer Maria Rilke (I have blogged some of his writings before).


You who never arrived

in my arms, Beloved, who were lost

from the start.

I don't even know what songs

would please you. I have given up trying

to recognize you in the surging wave of the next

moment. All the immense

images in me - the far-off, deeply-felt landscape,

cities, towers, and bridges, and un-

suspected turns in the path,

and those powerful lands that were once

pulsing with the life of the gods -

all rise within me to mean

you, who forever elude me.

You, Beloved, who are all

the gardens I have ever gazed at,

longing. An open window

in a country house -, and you almost

stepped out, pensive, to meet me. Streets that I chanced upon,-

you had just walked down them and vanished.

And sometimes, in a shop, the mirrors

were still dizzy with your presence and, startled, gave back

my too-sudden image. Who knows? perhaps the same

bird echoed through both of us

yesterday, separate, in the evening...

P.S. The poem is meant to be single-spaced and with a double space after the line "you, who forever elude me", but for some reason, I always have to double space to make a new line. Any advice there?

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Da veryBadGirl zur zeit Stubenarest hat, mit Pc ( Internet) und TV Verbot. Sich natürlich nicht daran gehalten hat. Gab's gestern erst was mit dem Kabel und anschließend um sicherzustellen, dass sie es verstanden hat, tanzte auch noch der Rohrstock auf ihrem Hintern.

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