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Ever have a day where you just wake up grumpy and miserable for no is that day, I'm usually so good and I'm definitely teetering on the edge of getting in trouble, I honestly don't even know what my problem is today, but I really hope I can keep myself in check, this is unusual for me and I have already been warned twice.

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Picture this, if you will, ladies and gentlemen... Your wife is home, cleaning your house for you and making it look presentable. That's the visual, but what about the audio? If this was a true 1950's household, she'd be jammin' to some classic doo wop. "Doo wop, bop ba dooby dop doo..." Can you hear her singing along? Songs like "Denise" by Randy and the Rainbows, or even "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" by Frankie Lymon...these make excellent Spring Cleaning Day soundtracks! It's contagious, and very fun...I speak from personal experience. ^_^ that you know my preference, what are some of the genres and eras of music you enjoy listening to while taking care of your home?

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where is my video......

What the fuсk!

Strict English CP
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Freshly cut switches that should be getting use on my bare bottom

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shhhhh... don't tell anybody

Strict English CP
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In the order the videos presently appear; giving the title (theme), I am present in all these videos, all are self discipline (strap, belt, paddle or whip), I am the disciplinarian, I am the disciplined

Happy Easter 2 – bare arse, hands, leather belts
Happy Easter – underwear, hands, leather belts
Saturday in Holy Week – underwear, bare arse, hands, leather belts in the style of Sir Alex
Good Friday – flogging the back – rubber multi tail
Thursday in Holy Week – underwear, hands, leather belts
Wednesday in Holy Week – strapping the hands, rubber school straps – third 80 strokes
Tuesday in Holy Week – strapping the hands, rubber school straps – second 80 strokes
Monday in Holy Week – strapping the hands, rubber school straps – first 80 strokes
40 days of Lenten fun – sixth Sunday – multi tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun – day 38 – cbt, balls stretcher, weights, rubber prison strap
40 days of Lenten fun – day 37 – strapping the hands, razor strop
40 days of Lenten fun – day 36 – caning the cock and balls
40 days of Lenten fun – day 35 – workman’s belt
40 days of Lenten fun – day 34 – caning and paddling the left testicle (ball)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 33 – cbt, weights, belts
40 days of Lenten fun – day 32 – hair brush, slick slim
40 days of Lenten fun – day 31 – whipping the back, leather belt
40 days of Lenten fun – day 30 – strapping the hands, rubber school straps
40 days of Lenten fun – fifth Sunday – single tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun – day 29 APRIL FOOL's DAY – cbt, belt, rubber prison strap, leather CPS, single tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun - A prelude to April Fool's Day - cbt, belt, rubber prison strap, leather CPS, single tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun – day 28 – caning and paddling the right testicle (ball)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 27 – Canadian Prison straps (CPS)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 26 – whipping the genitals
40 days of Lenten fun – day 25 – nipple clamps, Canadian prison straps (CPS)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 24 – nipple clamps, martinet
40 days of Lenten fun – fourth Sunday – buffalo hide multi tail
40 days of Lenten fun – day 23 – ice cubes, balls stretcher, leather paddle with cone studs
40 days of Lenten fun – day 22 – razor strops – part 1
40 days of Lenten fun – day 21 – razor strops – part 2
40 days of Lenten fun – day 20 – Adam & Gillian’s slick slim (rubber strap)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 19 - weights, leather tawse and paddle, wood and lexan paddle
40 days of Lenten fun – day 18 – strapping the hand
40 days of Lenten fun – day 17 - underwear, hands, leather belts
40 days of Lenten fun – third Sunday – single tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun – day 16 - caning and strapping the cock, rattan cane, leather tawse
40 days of Lenten fun – day 15 - St. Patrick's Day - Irish school strap
40 days of Lenten fun – day 14 - chastity device, leather paddle, lexan paddles
40 days of Lenten fun – day 13 - harness leather belt, rubber canvas school strap
40 days of Lenten fun – day 12 - Canadian prison strap (CPS)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 11 - cbt, CPS, weights
40 days of Lenten fun – second Sunday – tightly braided thin multi tail
40 days of Lenten fun – day 10 – strapping the hand
40 days of Lenten fun – day 9 – workman’s belt
40 days of Lenten fun – day 8 - cbt, clothespins, leather paddle, tawse
40 days of Lenten fun – day 7 – thighs (outer & inner), wood paddle
40 days of Lenten fun – day 6 – multi tail whips
40 days of Lenten fun – day 5 – nipple clamps, leather paddle, school strap, tawse
40 days of Lenten fun – first Sunday – single tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun – day 4 – small wood frat paddle
40 days of Lenten fun – day 3 – London Tanners 3 tail XH tawse
40 days of Lenten fun – day 2 – workman’s belt
40 days of Lenten fun – day 1 - leather straps

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What a night I have put down. Everything started yesterday when Jen came home from work after having a very bad day,Jen specialises in Taxation law,all very boring,but someone she is advising at the moment did not make a full disclosure to her and Jen was in the middle of a very important legal case when she was told that a full disclosure had not been made to her and she had to practically beg the judge to adjourn the case,this did not go down well with the judge,who told her off. Poor Jen bore the brunt of someone else's folly and she was not happy. She had spent four months preparing this case on what she had been told and now she has to start all over again. So yesterday when she came home we sat and chatted for awhile and then Jen suggested we get drunk,LOL. I called my niece's boyfriend to look after the evening milking,he agreed and Jen and I got dressed and headed off out. We met up with a few friends in the local pub and the drink flowed all night.

People tend to react differently when drunk. I get happy where as Jen tends to fall asleep. During the course of the evening someone suggested a running race around the block. Jen nominated me,saying I was a fast runner.A guy we know in the village bet fifty euro that he could beat me in a race. Before long I found myself outside the pub with a crowd of people cheering me on and Jen holding my shoes. The barman gave the order to get ready and then GO and off we went. The guy was fast,and when we came to the corner of the street he tried to shove me. However I noticed he was wearing boots which may have slowed him down,but on reflection I believe what ended his race was when he got a stitch in his side. I took the lead and won comfortably,he paid me the 50 euro.As we all stood outside the bar drinking the Garda pulled up in their little squad car and asked what was going on.We were told that drinking on the street was illegal,so we returned inside the pud. Singing started and before long we had a lock in. Pounding on the front door of the pub made everyone run out the back and low and behold I found myself hiding in the old Abbey again with three others as a squad car drove in circles around the Abbey and a Garda searched among the headstones with a flashlight. It crossed my mind that I am getting too old for this,but I had no choice. We must have been in hiding for about 20 minutes before we heard the Garda drive away. In all the confusion I had become separated from Jen. Like a scene out of a horror movie,my friends and I searched around the deserted streets of the village for Jen. As we walked past the pub the door suddenly opened and out came Jen. She had hid in the ladies toilets standing on the toilet bowl in case the Garda came into the toilets.She was lucky that the Garda was only interested in telling off the barman. We made it home in time for milking at 4am. My niece and her boyfriend were cuddled up on the sofa watching The Fog and jumped with fright when Jen and I appeared at the window making faces at them.

So today we are just sitting around. Jen is in the kitchen making breakfast. I am in my study and my niece and her boyfriend are in the barn with their tractor,which is almost done. I think Jen and I will just watch TV and maybe she will help around the farm. Thank goodness for my niece's boyfriend. On another note my niece came to me yesterday and told me that she has changed her mind about the army and will return to university in October to study for an MA in genetics.I am delighted,very relieved. I hugged her and we had a brief discussion about cloning Jenny,LOl. Relaxation is the order of the day.Have a great day my friends.

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I wasn’t supposed to see it. I wasn’t supposed to be there.

It was our busiest week of the year, and I was behind on everything. It was already 7pm and I hadn’t even looked at the file she left on my desk three hours ago. I texted Chris to tell him I wasn’t gonna make our date. He tried to call me, but I let it go to voicemail. I just didn’t have time to deal with his complaining about him not being a priority in my life. Right now, my only priority was having the budget reports on her desk when she arrived in the morning. And Ava always arrived before 6am.

Fine. But if I had to spend my evening in the damn office, I was definitely gonna do it in a more comfortable spot than my crappy cubicle. I Door-Dashed a western burger, curly fries and milkshake, and setup my Hulu account to stream to the wide-screen tv in Reese’s corner office. Sadly, this was becoming somewhat of a routine for me, but I was on the fast track to a promotion and a huge pay raise. I was willing to give up my personal life for a few more months.

I jumped up and ran over to the window when I heard the woman cry out.

“I’m sorry! I swear! I’m really sorry!”

The woman’s voice was pleading. I quickly realized that the voice was coming from inside. Shit! I quickly muted the television and turned out the office light. I quietly opened the office door and slowly walked down the dark hallway. As I got closer to Ava’s office, I saw the light coming from her private conference room.

“Please, sir. I didn’t mean it. Honest!”

The clapping sounds that came next startled me. It took a moment for my mind to register what was happening. I carefully peeked my head around the corner. The conference room blinds and the door were completely open and I could see straight through the glass windows.

Even though it was now crumpled high above her waist, I recognized the yellow polka dot skirt Ava had been wearing that day. He was sitting on the edge of the large wooden conference table. His suit jacket was neatly hanging over one of the conference room chairs, and the sleeves of his pristinely pressed shirt were rolled up around his elbows. Ava was between his legs laid over his left thigh, his arm across her waist. Her flower painted panties were midway down her thighs. I gasped as he delivered the next two swats on her bared amber bottom.

“I promise it won’t happen again. I promise. Please, sir!”

Shit! Shit! I knew I shouldn’t be watching, but I was frozen. I couldn’t take my eyes away. Despite her pleas, he continued to spank her. He didn’t speak. The more she cried out, the harder and faster the blows. Ava squirmed and twisted underneath his firm hold. Over and over and over, his large, unrelenting hand landed on every inch of Ava’s caramel colored ass. It was now a glowing hue of rose. Shit! I’ve worked here almost 4 years and never heard Ava cry before.

I was mesmerized. Holy shit! Was this really happening? Was I really seeing this happen?

I watched him spank her for at least five minutes before he suddenly stopped. He rested his hand on her reddened buttocks and rubbed each cheek slowly and deliberately. Ava didn’t move. For a moment, it was completely silent. I could actually hear my heart beating. The sound of Ava faintly whimpering broke the silence. Ava moaned as he continued to caress her well disciplined bottom. How I wished I could see the look on her face.

My mind was racing. My body felt like it was on fire. My panties were wet. I backed out of sight and thought about Chris.

"Hands on your head, young lady!"

His stern voice jolted me to attention. For a moment, I thought I had been caught. I peeked around again to see Ava standing in a corner of the room facing the wall, ass bared and bruised, with her hands clasped behind her head.

"When I return, we'll continue with the belt."

Belt? Did he say belt? I almost pinched myself. This had to be a dream.

I could see Ava's head lower, and her legs started to tremble. I suddenly realized that I was shaking too. Shit! He started to walk towards the conference room door. It would take him less than 30 seconds to get to the hallway. There was no way I'd make it back to Reese's office without him seeing me. Oh fuck! be continued

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Hi there folks, apologies for the delay. Expect a wheelbarrow video with princess in the near future as a update to prove we are still alive.

Life has been busy, new jobs and business prospects have kept me pretty occupied over the last few months. There's also been the realization of a new addition to the family as me and Princess have a little one on the way.

We both want to be more engaged and active in the community. That includes more videos; and if by some magic, people that contact me live in the apparent no-where land that we do. More friends and videos will appear.

Thank you all for the kind messages and friend requests.

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I egot a text from a number I was not familiar with, "Hey, can you give me a ride?" I asked who it was, and she said Juanita. I had not heard from her in about 6 months. She had said something about asking if I like to be paddled, and I blew her off. Today I told her I wanted to talk with her and went and picked her up. I asked her if she was serious about paddling, she said she had never done it but would give it a try. We went to her house, and it took me a while to suck it up and get over being embarrassed. I told her the pain got me high, more or less, and it wasn't sexual. I stripped to a jock strap, and draped myself over a barrel she had in her basement. She used the Lexan paddle, about 20 swats. Wow, she lit me up. Was fun am
nd will do it agaain.

Strict English CP
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So earlier today i had some alone time which doesnt happen often. I decided it was the perfect time to complete my self-spanking assignment from mommy. I took my time and began spanking myself as mommy instructed. Completely naked on my bare bottom. But it didnt feel right. So i sent mommy a txt....she responed. Althought i wish i could of called her...i sent mommy some pics of my spanking. She then instructed me further on how i should spank mysel. I did exactly as mommy told me. I spanked my naughty bare bottom very hard. I can still feel my bottom stinging.
Thank you mommy for the much needed spanking i hope mommy is happy with her naughty boy....

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Drinking tequila tonight relaxing and lonely.... Hmmmm wondering how naughty cassy can be with out get caught h Mmmmm shhhhh one tell

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...You get a speeding ticket and you're really just thinking the whole time, "God I wish I could just take a spanking for this instead..."

Strict English CP
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Hello Everyone,

He finally came over & spanked me with his hand & ruler & then the dreaded slipper.

That really hurted a lot especially when he spanked me on the crack. Oweeeee!!!

I also had a new Mr. Spanko come to my home in February. I met him on Spanking Partners & he lives 1 1/2 hr. away from my home in Wisconsin.

He brought his bag of implements & we used mine too. It was a Discipline spanking. All I remember from his implements were his strap, crop & a light paddle (I told him to bring out 4 implements out of his bag). He made me bend over the couch for that crop implement otherwise I was over his knee. It was awful. He asked if I wanted cream on my butt. I said, yes. While he was putting it on me I made a comment & he got quite upset with me & he took off my slipper from my foot & started spanking me with it pretty hard.

I was so glad it was over.

He made the decision to give me a Discipline spanking from what I told him & all I wanted was a regular spanking.

I got fooled.

I was in pain for 3 weeks & I had a welt too.

He called & asked how I was & I told him I am finally feeling better.

He wanted to come & give me another spanking but I told him I cannot go over your knees because I was in terrible pain on the right upper side of my body. I am now going to Physical Therapy which will last for 2 months.

I am wishing you all a Belated Easter wishes!!!

Have a Fantastic day!!

Your Spanking Friend,

Ellen Marie

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Justina felt the rush of emotion as her walls came crashing down. A torrent of tears gushed from her, and her cries echoed the heartbreak, of every cruelty and the grief she'd hidden, carefully away. As if a dark cloud had been released from within herself, she felt James lift her, and hold her between his thick arms and then roll her into the covered couch. She couldn't quite control the tsunami of feelings that overwhelmed her, but she felt them wrench from her heart, a pain she hadn't even known was there. She was lighter, as she exhaled the dark stranger, evicting the heavy weight that had festered in the deepest recessions of her psyche.

As the emotional pain subsided, the true gravity of her physical discomfort, took center stage. She still didn't know what he'd used to break her, but she was no match for its might. Perhaps it was not the implement, but the steel will of he, who had wielded it. She should have known better, than to challenge him. He'd been kind at the end, though she'd forced him to such an extreme. She had only herself to blame. She invited it and then refused his offer of reprieve, more than once. Her legs hurt worse than her bottom. She wondered, how long it would take before she could sit again. At least a week, she thought.

James had sat with her and even gave her a little toy to hug, like a teddy bear. It was wet with tears now, but it was a kind gesture. He knew the outcome, long before she did. He'd been prepared for it. She knew, now, he'd done her a great service, though it was a difficult journey. She'd misjudged him, in some ways. He was a hard man but he had a certain kind of wisdom and gentleness in him, as well.

James returned with a cool drink for her, and let her rest. The tears abated, and he began to care for her wounds. His hands were everywhere, in every tuck and groove, looking carefully. She felt like he had her under a microscope. His hands were cool on her feverish flesh. He couldn't help his urge to squeeze her cheeks and pull his fingers down her red cheeks and legs, letting his nails just touch the blistered mosaic. She whined, but sweetly, and he didn't mind. He pulled apart her cheeks and found that the paddle had bruised her, throughout the fissure of her bottom. He'd never seen such color there. He was fascinated, even her little bum hole was purple. The back of her labia was also inflamed and though he'd have liked to enter her, from behind, he thought it was too cruel to consider. Still he didn't want to leave her without some pleasure, but how?

His cock was loaded and ready to fire, but he could always invite another girl to service him, if Justina wasn’t up to the task. “I had planned to finish up with something a little nicer, but you are very bruised. Would you rather rest?”

“No, Sir. I'd rather finish with you, like we always do, with each other.” She wasn't sure how she could manage it, or why, but she didn't want him to call someone else to his suite. This was her night. She would not have someone else reap the rewards of her suffering.

James lifted her chin. “Are you sure, Justina?
You know it wouldn't mean anything. She would not be like you, to me, Beauty. You've had a rough night. What are you suggesting?”

“I can kneel, Sir.”

“I see, he smirked. Come here, then, my precious. She had such amazing breasts. He applied baby oil between them. And he worked it in and then his oily finger found her place. He was passionate as he kissed her, kneading her tits, in his big paws, and nibbling at her throat.
Soon, the pleasure outweighed the pain, and she tip toed, along the edge of oblivion, trying to be still, so as to not awaken her pain and feeling the pull of his rhythm. She felt weak, and the room faded away. There was only his touch, pulling and tugging at her. Her knees threatened to buckle, and he lowered her to the carpet. He kneeled in front of her. His hand sliding, rubbing, and pushing into her. He grabbed pinched and stroked, taking her farther and farther. The fire stoked, the embers sparked and flared like fireworks, and she keened until she had no breath to sing, shuddering against him. She was his, once more.

He sat in front of her sweet mouth and she did what he loved. She ran her tongue along his shaft, and cupped his balls, taking them one at a time into her mouth. Her hands glided up and down and she pushed her large breasts together, and he drove his cock between them. Mmmm, that was it. As his dick came up, her mouth greeted him with licks and kisses. He wasn't holding back anymore, a few more strokes between her boobs, and he fired. She tried to catch his cum, but it was like a volcano and she couldn't contain it. It went everywhere.
He watched her try to lap it up but even her pretty red hair was soiled. As sore, as she was, they would both need a shower!!

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I love Master talking dirty to me, whilst I'm fucking him, sucking his cock, whilst he's spanking me, calling me names doesn't worry me, but God how I hate the word slut. It seems so wrong to come out of my man's mouth, yet at that moment, he's my Master, not my partner, those words would never come out of his mouth then.
It's so degrading, yet somehow I know deep down its what I want and crave, to be degraded and humiliated is what I need and desire. But I get a twinge of anger when I hear that word, I wanna stop what I'm doing and tell him to fuck off but of course I would never do that, because deep down it turns me on.
Well I know it does coz I can feel my wetness.
Yet tears sometimes spring to my eyes and just as quickly dry up again, as I focus on the other names and not that one.
Because I know deep down, I really love it and want it more and more.

Is there anyone else that feels like this ?

Strict English CP
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Kathy is a barely over 18 model that is created via CGI software. She is the ideal girl with her spotless skin and perfectly adorable features, but every once in a while I have to dress her up and put some angry welts on that perfect little bum.

Kathy is a sweet, playful girl and is usually very respectful, but she does like to pester me and play practical jokes. Once she is in one of those moods, nothing I say to her seems to help until I give her the attention she needs.

If given a choice, Kathy would rather be paddled than caned. Kathy has a very high pain tolerance and usually jokes about how "that didn't hurt very much Daddy," while bending over a little more and smiling. Because of this, it's not unusual to spend a good 15 minutes paddling her slow and hard as she protests emphatically with a blush of a smile in her voice.

When she's nearly exhausted from the paddling, I finish her with the BFP. The BFP is a rugged 3/4" thick 18 inch long breadboard paddle. Because it is such a serious implement, I only give her the final 10 with it and she must count each swat in a clear and respectful tone.

Every blistering swat causes her to lose her breath in a silent gasp. Then she slowly composes herself and counts out the stroke in a quivering voice. At least she better or we start over from the beginning.

If you could pick why, where, and how she is punished, what would you do with her?

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- Anna Sladen!
- Yes sir.
- You know why you’re here?
- Yes sir.
- Well?
- For taking part in the demonstration wearing my school uniform, sir.
- School uniform . . . exactly. You wore your Harchester School uniform to a demonstration you had been expressly forbidden to attend. So. Last year you and your feminist friends were very determined to “desegregate” this school by forcing us to admit girls. Well, now you’re here, and you’re about to become acquainted with one of the the uncomfortable realities of life at a boys’ school. Do you know what this is?
- It’s a cane, sir.
- Not just a cane, Anna. A senior cane. With which sixth-formers who disobey school rules get beaten, and beaten severely. I don’t suppose you were ever caned at your girls’ school?
- No sir.
- Well, as you might imagine, a caning is a singularly unpleasant experience. Actually, I seriously doubt you can even begin to imagine just how painful and humiliating it really is.
- Yes sir. Er, no sir.
- Right, now. Your punishment for blatant disobedience is six of the best with this extremely painful cane. Bent over that chair, after removing your underwear so that you’re covered only by those thin slacks that I promise you are essentially no protection at all against a senior cane. It will hurt. A lot. Do you understand?
- Y-yes sir.
- There is, however, a way you can get your punishment reduced. If you will give me the names of the other two pupils who were spotted at the demonstration, I will reduce your own punishment to just three strokes. As for your friends, they’ll get three strokes each too. So tell me, Anna. Who were they?
- —-
- Names, Anna. Tell me who they were.
- I’m sorry sir. I can’t.
- Come on, Anna. You must know who they were. Tell me, and it’ll be the better for you.
- I didn’t mean I don’t know, sir. I mean I can’t tell on them and get them into trouble.
- Listen to me, Anna, and listen carefully. If you won’t give me their names, your own punishment of six strokes will stand, then on top of that you’ll have to take the three strokes each that they would have got too. Twelve strokes, Anna. Twelve hard, agonising strokes of the senior cane. That you can easily spare yourself by being reasonable. So come on now, who else was at the demonstration?
- Sorry sir, no. I won’t tell on them.
- So be it, but sorry is certainly what you’ll be long before the end of the punishment you’re about to receive, I assure you. All right. Off you go to the toilets, remove your underwear and put your slacks back on so that they’re the only layer of clothing, and be back here within five minutes.
- Sir.
- Good. Now, Anna, position yourself over the chair. Higher, right up over the back. That’s it. And reach right down and hold on to the edge of the cushion. I advise you to hold on tight and not let go, because if you jump up during your punishment, you will get extra strokes. Understand?
- Y-yes s-sir.
- Then we’ll begin. Count the strokes out loud.
- One. Two. Three. Mm! Four. Mmm! Five. Ah! Six. Aah! Seven. Ah! Ow! Eight. Ah! Ah! Ah! Nine. Ah! Ten, owowow! Aaaaagh! Eleven. Aaaaagh! Aaaaagh! Ow! I can’t! I can’t! Twelve. Aaaaagh! Please! I can’t!
- That was the last stroke, Anna. It’s all over, your punishment is complete. And I congratulate you. You took that very well, especially for someone who’s never been caned before. Also, well done for not telling on your friends. That’s the true Harchester School spirit. You can be proud of yourself. You may go now.

Spanked Schoolgirl